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Bartlett Tutor and Student Curate Experimental Drawing Festival 'Cartographies of the Imagination'

23 June 2021

Tickets are now on sale for a month-long drawing festival this July, co-curated by Bartlett tutor Kirsty Badenoch and doctoral student Sayan Skandarajah.

Image: Kirsty Badenoch

Cartographies of the Imagination is a month-long experimental drawing festival held in the RIBA award-winning Omved Gardens and Glasshouse in Highgate, London. The festival includes an exhibition exploring the world of drawing between the real and the imagined, and a varied and experimental programme of events, including artist tours, a forum, webinar and supper club, and a series of drawing laboratories offering workshops to students and the local community. 

The festival is curated by Kirsty Badenoch, who teaches on the school’s Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies and Landscape Architecture programmes, and Sayan Skandarajah, a PhD student at the school and lecturer at the University of Reading. The festival space was designed by London-based architects PiM Studio, whose work includes project delivery and fitout for the V&A Dundee, an installation for the Royal Academy and concepts for St Paul's Hanging Gardens and Sevenoaks Visitor Centre. 

The festival’s exhibition runs from 2 – 31 July and showcases four years of Kirsty and Sayan’s drawing research into lost landscapes and cityscapes. The exhibition also includes a collective forum, with works from leading voices in architecture, landscape, painting, technology and film. Exhibiting artists include, Francesca Benedetto, Nat Chard, Penelope Haralambidou, Charnjeev Kang, Aisling O’Carroll, Saskia Olde Wolbers, ScanLab Projects, Mira Sanders, Doug Specht, Llew Watkins and Izabela Wieczorek. 

Full schedule

02 – 31 July: Exhibition open (daily)
 - book tickets
04 and 21 July: Bookable artist tours
 - book tickets
10 July: Forum
 - book tickets
14 July: Webinar 
- book tickets
02, 15, 16 and 25 July: Drawing Laboratory: Community workshops 
17-18 July: Drawing Laboratory: Student workshop
22 July: Drawing Laboratory: Salon - book tickets
07 and 29 July: Feast of Maps - book tickets
30 July: Cosmocartos: Closing party 

More information

Lead: Kirsty Badenoch - The Garden Transcripts
1. Sayan Skandarajah - Scenes of Another Kyoto, Detail
2. Charnjeev Kang - Written on Words
3. Mira Sanders - Inland Voyage in an Inland Voyage panel 21
4. Peter Baldwin - Palincestuous Liaisons Exploring the Island
5. Penelope Haralambidou - City of Ladies, Domobaal 2020-21 (courtesy of Andy Keate)
6. Aisling O'Carrol - Reconstructing a Geological Monument