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StorpWeber Architects Create Community Space in Harlesden

1 June 2019

Sabine Storp and Patrick Weber are working with the Harlesden Town Garden community to create a clubhouse, which offers local residents a space to connect, learn and play

Harlesden Town Garden Clubhouse model, by Sabine Storp and Patrick Weber

The Harlesden Town Garden was built by local volunteers, charities and funders in 2013, designed to promote health and well-being in the local community through exercise and local food growth, as well as to ensure that biodiversity can flourish in an urban environment.

Since 2018, Sabine Storp and Patrick Weber (StorpWeber Architecture), Unit Tutors on The Bartlett Architecture MArch programme, have worked with local residents to create a community clubhouse for the garden. The clubhouse provides members of the Harlesden Town Garden a place to meet, exchange ideas, store gardening tools, and trade produce from allotments. Whilst primarily promoting outdoor activity, healthy eating and sustainability, the space can also be used for public and private events, arts events and cooking classes. 

On 25 – 26 May 2019 a community building day was held, offering an opportunity to learn how to install insulation materials. A film of the process was created by Saint Gobain and can be viewed on Vimeo

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Sabine and Patrick are both design tutors for The Bartlett’s Architecture MArch programme, where they co-lead Unit 13.

Project supporters

The creation of the Harlesden Town Garden Clubhouse was funded by Brent Council and supported by The Bartlett Architecture Research Fund. 

Saint Gobain ISOVER, F.H. Brundle Steel, Joseph Ash Galvanizing, GROHE and Latham Timber all supported the project by providing free products.

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Images: Courtesy of StorpWeber.