The Bartlett School of Architecture


Bartlett Pop-Up Workshop Negotiates the Shared City in Seoul

29 November 2018

Negotiating Seoul – the Shared City was led by The Bartlett School of Architecture in Seoul, South Korea

Collaborative drawing of Seoul by Bartlett and Hanyang students

Earlier this month, The Bartlett School of Architecture teamed up with Hanyang University to run a new workshop called Negotiating Seoul: the Shared City, which allowed students to explore how urban space is negotiated in creating a shared city.

Students from the school’s Architecture BSc Unit 13 programme teamed up with students from the architecture department at Hanyang University to work on a collaborative project. 

Over the course of three days, they created a collective drawing of Seoul using references from the Mullae-dong area for inspiration. Specific observations in Mullae-dong led to conversations of how to share space, resources and energy in a city. These became the building blocks for the collaborative drawing. 

Students explored five main aspects of the city’s architecture in their work:

  • All the small things (that make up the architecture of the city) 
  • Pockets of space (big and small)
  • Spillage spaces (the backstreets and spaces between buildings) 
  • Extensions (extra spaces which have been added to the existing architecture of the city) 
  • Infill spaces (the sharing of leftover space) 

This resulted in a multi-layered and multi-directional drawing, which combined individual spaces within Seoul to create an overall Shared City drawing. 

The project was a success and the final artwork will be displayed in an exhibition at the Seoul Architecture Biennale, 2019.

Special thanks to So Young Kim from Hanyang University for her support in this collaboration.