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Bartlett tutor launches inclusive town-planning project

4 July 2018

The Future Hoxton project lets local residents adapt a 1:500 physical model of the area to encourage engagement with the planning process

A long apartment block in Hoxton, East London

Senior Teaching Fellow William Hodgson is leading a new project with architect Jan Kattein to create an inclusive development proposal for Hoxton in East London. The Future Hoxton project is using the input of the local community to shape the district, which has already changed dramatically in the past twenty years.

Between 26 and 29 June, a large-scale model of the neighbourhood was built in the local gallery of arts organisation PEER. Now on display, residents and businesses are able to make changes to the physical model in a series of workshops, responding to themes such as home, work and recreation.

Describing the project's method, William Hodgson said:

Using a real model to help residents and workshops understand their neighbourhood is very effective and goes far beyond the current practice of presenting large-scale two-dimensional plans and written policies.

The model will continue to evolve until 14 July, before being recorded to capture the ideas developed. The project leaders hope that the results will then inform the action plans for Shoreditch and Hackney.  

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This project is funded by The Bartlett Architecture Research Fund.