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Bartlett hosts international architecture seminar in Rome

17 April 2018

A dark doorway in an old wall with stone fragments attached

Bartlett PhD student Alessandro Toti and Professors Peg Rawes and Yeoryia Manolopoulou will chair a one-day seminar in Rome entitled ‘Speculative Architectural Materialisms’. The seminar, being held on 26 April, has been designed to develop post-Brexit exchanges of architectural design, history and theory between Italian and British researchers.

The Bartlett's Professor Jonathan Hill and PhD student Daniel Wilkinson will also present at the seminar where participants will examine how contemporary architectural and historical research is composed of a wide range of inter-connected concerns, including design, history, technology, culture, urbanism and politics. The day will be divided into three panels from 10:15 until 16:30, discussing ‘Art practices and aesthetics’, ‘Design practices and architectural history’ and ‘Urban strategies and social responses’.  

The event has received funding from UCL’s Global Engagement Office and is co-organised by Roma Tre University.

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A view of apartments surrounded by trees