The Bartlett School of Architecture


Unit 3's David Garcia exhibits at the Venice Biennale

12 September 2012

Dacid Garcia Greenland

David Garcia, a tutor on Unit 3 of the Bartlett's BSc Architecture course, is exhibiting on the Danish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. He is showcasing a year-long research and design project on the challenges awaiting Greenland.

When debating the future of Greenland, migration is on the agenda. Tourism, mining and mineral exploration can cause a migration flow that might turn the greenlandic population into a minority in their own country. The project investigates a historic urban development in Greenland and creates new aggregating interventions that facilitate the meeting of a wide range of "migrants"  from the 24 hour tourist, to 3 year guest worker.

See here for more information about the project.