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Rebuttal: A series of workshops about changing architectural culture

26 June 2021, 10:00 am–5:00 pm

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Join The Bartlett School of Architecture Student Society for a day of discussions and workshops exploring the critical issues facing architectural education and practice.

This event is free.

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The Bartlett School of Architecture Student Society

Join The Bartlett School of Architecture Society for a day of round-table discussions and workshops from (and with) esteemed experts in the field of architecture and beyond. Through three discursive sessions and a final workshop, the panel will explore critical issues which both architectural pedagogy and the architectural profession currently face. The panel includes Bartlett alumni Isaac Simpson, Georgia Green, Neil Pinder and Naomi Rubbra (People Matter), and representatives from FAF, UCL's Student Union, UVW-SAW, Afterparti and Resolve Collective. 

This series of events aims to begin to answer questions about success and values within the discipline of architecture, discussing three distinct topics: value systems; exploitation; and challenging architectural norms. Through these discussions, the student society aims to open up and diversify understanding of the discipline and reveal the many forms that it can take, starting converations that encourage architecture to become more outward looking and culturally aware.

The discussions and workshop will take place live on The Bartlett School of Architecture Society's Instagram page.

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