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B-Pro Super Crit: Urban Design

06 July 2021–08 July 2021, 1:00 pm–5:30 pm

Image: Smart Communism: Ziyuan Gao, Yunyun Guo, Xinsing Li, Yanbo Wu. Research Cluster 11, B-Pro UD 2020/21

Join students from two of our B-Pro programmes as they share their final projects live on the school's YouTube channel.

This event is free.

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B-Pro, or Bartlett Prospective, groups together five of the school's graduate programmes with a unique philosophy and shared approach to the future of design, architecture and the urban environment.

Over the course of two weeks  students from two B-Pro programmes, Architectural Design MArch and Urban Design MArch, will be presenting advanced and forward looking design research, engaging with a variety of topics ranging from machine learning, automation and robotics to housing, the platform economy and the global  climate crisis.

Please join us live on the school's YouTube channel to watch the student presentations, and to celebrate their work, as they share their learnings from the past 21 months.


Tuesday 6 July

Day 1: Post-Human Environments

Critics: Lindsay Bremner, Mariana Ibanez, Vera Bulhmann, Marco Paoletto, William Latham, Melissa Sterry

13:00 | Intro

13:10 | Camden: Ecognosis. Redefining coexistence
Students: Divya Patel, Kehan Cheng, Hui Tan
Research Cluster 5

13:20 | Urban Enclaves
Students: Zhuangting Li, Yuan Deng, Yonghao Chen, Yiting Hu
Research Cluster 12

13:30 | Sheltering Ecologies
Students: Sheng Cao, Meng Zheng, Shusheng Huang, Tao Chen, Anshika Tajpuriya
Research Cluster 16

13:40 | Discussion

14:10 | Insula
Students: Wan Qian, Bai Yang, Du Jin, Jiang Haoran.
Research Cluster 20

14:20 | Borough Market: Emotional Dynamics 
Students: Shan Lu, Xuanbei He, Zixi Li
Research Cluster 15

14:30 | Bio - Construct Flourish City
Students: Man Qian, Ruoyu Hou, Jinyue Zuo, Zihan Zeng
Research Cluster 16

14:40 | Discussion

15:10 | China Town: Civic Sensorium
Students: Qirui Wang, Shruval Shah, Songlun He
Research Cluster 15

15:20 | Collapsed World
Students: Pan Ting, Jen-Hsien Chang, Yi Siqi.
Research Cluster 20

15:30 | Physarum Poly-xylem City
Students: Marco Alfaro, Shiyu Qin, Heyuan Chen, Siyi Li
Research Cluster 16

15:40 | Discussion

16:10 | UtopAI
Students: Ya Chen, Ziyu Zhao, Kexin Yang, Xiaokun Xiu
Research Cluster 12

16:20 | Hyper - Borea
Students: Hanwei Zhang, Miao Zhang, Yiqu Zhang, Chunlan Wang.
Research Cluster 20

16:30 | Discussion

16:50 | Kings Cross: Decoding Gentrification
Students: Hao Zhang, Pingyue Cui, Zhiyu Liu
Research Cluster 15

17:00 | Non-Fungible Life in the Metaverse
Students: Mincun Shi, Yichen Kang, Weijun Kong, Jiajun Wang, Razi Qadi
Research Cluster 12

17:10 | Discussion

17:30 | Wrap-up

Wednesday 7 July

Day 2: Automation

Critics: Theodora Vardouli Carmen Andriani Georg Vrachliotis Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa Daniel Koehler Tobias Knolte

13:00 | Intro

13:10 | Refreshment of The Local
Students: Cuilan Chen, Zixuan Huang, Ye Lu, Sixuan Song, Yiwei Zhu
Research Cluster 11

13:20 | Carbon Plug-in
Students: Wenqi Liu, Yulu Huang, Zhaoyang Li, Anastasiia Federova
Research Cluster 18

13:30 | Archiving Artificial Landscapes
Students: Jing Xiao, Jingyi Sun, Tong Tian, Xingyu Huang 
Research Cluster 19

14:00 | Upon iso-individuals
Students: Qiyuan Hong, Jiang Chang, Wang Shiqi, Yuhan Shen 
Research Cluster 14

14:10 | Threading-city
Students: Zhichen Liu, Yiming Liu, Yuhao Zheng, Yichen Xie
Research Cluster 11

14:20 | Reclaiming Data Infrastructures 
Students: Reclaiming Data Infrastructures 
Research Cluster 19

14:30 | Discussion

14:50 | Dissolution of La Defense
Students: Zheng Zhang, Zhaoyu Wang, Yuxi Ji, Jiaqi Niu
Research Cluster 11

15:00 | (De)stressed City
Students: Xiao Peng, Weiheng Qin, Jinyu Wang, Yue Xu, Hongying Zhu 
Research Cluster 14

15:10 | Carbon Colossus
Students: Qingyi Li, Jiyingzi Xu, Qianyuan Li, Yaping Wang
Research Cluster 18

15:20 | Discussion

15:40 | Agri.[Matrix]
Students: Chuandi Wei, Qianyuan Zhou, Qichen Cui, Siyi Liu
Research Cluster 18

15:50 | Intra-pelago
Students: Chuandi Wei, Qianyuan Zhou, Qichen Cui, Siyi Liu
Research Cluster 14

16:00 | Discussion

16:30 | Metabolic Plug-In
Students: Siwei Hu, Tingting Peng, Han Yan
Research Cluster 18

16:40 | Beyond the Grid: Territories of Resolution 
Students: Carolina Safieddine, Jiahua Dong, Kun Luo, Yandong Liu
Research Cluster 19

16:50 | Discussion

17:10 | Wrap-up 

Thursday 8 July

Day 3: Now

Critics: Andy Bow, Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou, Andrew Witt, Georg Vrachliotis, Tom Verebes, Daniel Kohler, Anne-Marie Meister, Barbara Cambpel-Lange, Melike Altınışık

13:10 | Equal Rights of Space
Students: Di Wu, Yan Li, Fan Zhuang, Wanting Ding, Peiwei Jiang
Research Cluster 11

13:20 | (Un)Learning in Compressed City
Students: Xinyue Zhang, Yue Hua, Anqi Wang, Jindi Jia
Research Cluster 19

13:30 | Fulfilment City
Students: Long Tan, Qian Zhang, Honghao Du, Jue Wang
Research Cluster 12

13:40 | Discussion

14:10 | Nutri.net
Students: Margarita Chaskopoulou, Ioannis Bousios, Junqiao Li, Alankrita Amarnath 
Research Cluster 14

14:20 | L.I.V.E.
Students: Lingchen Kong, Lijiang Huang, Jia Yan, Zehua Zheng
Research Cluster 20

14:30 | Smart Communism
Students: Ziyuan Gao, Yunyun Guo, Xinsing Li, Yanbo Wu
Research Cluster 11

14:40 | Discussion

15:10 | Urbanrrhizae
Students: Zhiyue Gan, Liangchen Zhu, Ning Zhou
Research Cluster 16

15:20 | Symbiocity
Students: Xinyue Wang, Yetong Jin, Siming Chen, Yuxin Liu
Research Cluster 12

15:30 | Canary Wharf: Surveillance Urbanism
Students: Luija Yang, Jiachuan Shen, Xiaodong Lu, Zetong Li
Research Cluster 15

15:40 | Discussion

16:10 | Shadow-Shape City
Students: Yanni Ren, Ruilu Yu, Flora Selvaraj, Valeriia Volkova
Research Cluster 14

16:20 | Boundary Healer
Students: Xuanyu Bai, Senlin Wu, Biyan Ou
Research Cluster 18

16:30 | Discussion

16:50 | Data Island
Students: Jinhui Shen, Xinfeng Lu, Yuqi Leng
Research Cluster 18

17:00 | Mossy Biopolis
Students: Ruiyi Wang, Lianglu Hou, Liuyang Wu, Bo Liu, Xuehan Tong
Research Cluster 16

17:10 | Discussion

17:30 | Wrap-up

Image: Smart Communism: Ziyuan Gao, Yunyun Guo, Xinsing Li, Yanbo Wu. Research Cluster 11, B-Pro UD 2020/21