The Bartlett School of Architecture


B-Pro Super Crit: Architectural Design

13 July 2021–15 July 2021, 10:00 am–6:00 pm

'Knowledge Offload and Reapply', by Architectural Design MArch students Jiang Lei, An Lusha, Bo Wenzhao, Ren Yue from Research Cluster 1

Join students from two of our B-Pro programmes as they share their final projects live on the school's YouTube channel.

This event is free.

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Gilles Retsin

This event will be livestreamed on the school's YouTube channel.


B-Pro, or Bartlett Prospective, groups together five of the school's graduate programmes with a unique philosophy and shared approach to the future of design, architecture and the urban environment.

Over the course of two weeks, students from two B-Pro programmes, Architectural Design MArch and Urban Design MArch, will be presenting advanced and forward looking design research, engaging with a variety of topics ranging from machine learning, automation and robotics to housing, the platform economy and the global climate crisis.

Please join us live on the school's YouTube channel to watch the student presentations, and to celebrate their work, as they share their learnings from the past 21 months.


Tuesday 13 July


Critics: Alisa Andrasek, Kristof Crolla, Maja Ozvaldic

10:00 | Team 2
Students: Yuchong Yao, Yiyun Liang, Anning Chen
Research Cluster 8

10:30 | Group 4
Students: Nora Brudevold, Matteen Haj Seyed Javadi, Danae Mavridi, Hyelyn Lee
Research Cluster 5&6

11:00 | BioPlastic
Students: Zhuoning He, Qing Tang, Zijun Wu, Xinyue Zhang
Research Cluster 7

11:30 | VernaculAR
Students: Jing Feng, Yue Qin, Yifan Ran, Wenqiang Wei
Research Cluster 9


Critics: TBC

12:00 | Team 4
Students: Alvaro Villacis Salazar, Daria Frygina, Dhwani Ruparelia, Vincente Vieira
Research Cluster 8

12:30 | Group 1
Students: Mattice Boets, Yuliang Bai, Yue Wang, Yuwen Qian
Research Cluster 5&6

13:00 | Elastic Choreographies
Students: Yelay Bayraktaroglu, Shahram Minoee Sabery, Cephas Bhaskar
Research Cluster 2



Critics: Sandra Manninger, Farzin Lotfi Jam, Karel Klein

14:00 | Last Chance Tourism
Students: Hongyi Wu, Ze Gao, Zhe Zhang
Research Cluster 1

14:30 | Team 4
Students: Haoya Chen, Yuling Guo, Yingxuan Tang, Haonan Wang
Research Cluster 9

15:00 | Group 3
Students: Xinran Liu, Menghua Wang, Hui Gao, Zhihan Guo
Research Cluster 5&6


Critics: Casey Rehm, Winka Dubbeldam, Yara Feghali

15:30 | Sami Borderless
Students: Yuqi Liu, Fangrong Lin, Jiaxi Zheng, Yuexi Liu
Research Cluster 1

16:00 | Group 2
Students: Cristina Trovati, Jili Mei, Gilang Kusumawardana, Kaifeng Liu
Research Cluster 0

16:30 | Beast
Students: Ta-Hsin Chang, Xiangyun Dai, Lin Li, Yuehong Zhou
Research Cluster 3

17:00 | CryptoGAN
Students: Pooja Harumalani, Ned Jakimavicius, Panos Kalaitzidis, Aijia Wang 
Research Cluster 7

Wednesday 14 July


Critics: Marina Otero, Jelle Feringa, Mathilde Marengo

10:00 | miXR
Students: Xuanyang Chen, Pengfei Mu, Shuhui Yu, Congyuan Yuan
Research Cluster 9

10:30 | SimClay
Students: Yunhao Wang, Sixin Xie, Wenyuan Zhu
Research Cluster 7

11:00 | ARCreature
Students: Huan Zhang, Xin Tong, Jiatong Ni
Research Cluster 2


Critics: Jelle Feringa, Elise Hunchuck

11:30 | Group 1
Students: Kong Lingwen, Zhang Quan, Shen Tianchen, Gao Tianyi
Research Cluster 0

12:00 | A.N.T.
Students: Abdullah Nasib Ummerfarook, Shizhao Wang, Yixuan Xu, Haoyue Zhang
Research Cluster 3

12:30 | Rock
Students: Shuning Chen, Qing Wang, Tianyu Zhang, Echo Zhu
Research Cluster 4

13:00 | Team 1
Students: Sen Wei, Gaojie Zhang, Huiyin Pan, Sai Feng
Research Cluster 8



Critics: Daniel Koehler, Jose Sanchez, Damjan Jovanovic

14:00 | Group 4
Students: Xinyi Yu, Yu He, Yaxin Duan, Ningzi Xue
Research Cluster 0

14:30 | Urban Village
Students: Zhengqing Zhang, Vasia Sargani, Le Xu, Yuan Cheng
Research Cluster X

15:00 | 3D-Print
Students: Sehr Gupta, Stavroula Ioakeimidou, Yumo Wu
Research Cluster 4


Critics: Lindsey Wikstrom, Zeina Koreitem

15:30 | Hyper Migration
Students: Foteini Terzopoulou, Yuxiao Zhang, Sofiela Kotsi, Tiantong Xu.
Research Cluster 1

16:00 | Group 5
Students: Boyuan Yu, Haoxing Zhang, Yi Shi, Jianing Luo
Research Cluster 5&6

16:30 | M.E.H.R.
Students: XiaYan He, Tina Kalantary, Jun Sheng Shan, Meng Xia
Research Cluster 3

17:00 | Walls
Students: Argyrios Delithanasis, Santiago Del Aguila Ferrandis, Andrea Terceros Barron, Ghanem Younes
Research Cluster 4

Thursday 15 July


Critics - Morning: Yael Reisner, Roland Snooks
Critics - Afternoon: Mario Carpo, Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Marcelyn Gow, Catie Newell, Peter Cook

09:30 | Airspace
Students: Shanyi Li , Despina Grigoriadou, Chen Yue,  Mayue Gao
Research Cluster X

10:00 | Group 3
Students: Liqun Ma, Jiaxi Zhang, Chengyi Wang, Mark Trance
Research Cluster 0

10:30 | Artic Everywhere
Students: Aiyasi, Angui Li, Ran Wang, Yanning Yang
Research Cluster 1

11:00 | R.A.D.
Students: Jialu Hou, Aikaterini Kiki, Boning Luo, Sashank Pilla
Research Cluster 3

11:30 | Earthcast
Students: Hsiu-Min Lin, Tongyu Fu, Yi Zhang
Research Cluster 4

12:00 | HempCliff
Students: Simiao Qi, Xingnan Wang, Haochong Wang, Jingjing Zhang
Research Cluster 7

12:30 | Team 3
Students: Yan Zhiyuan, Yiqi Hua, Zhengxian Zhang, Qikun Yang
Research Cluster 8

13:00 | Concrete
Students: Indrajith Gamage, Kelvin Law, Anastasiia Metelskaia, Saee Pagar
Research Cluster 9


14:00 | Group 2
Students: Rui Jing, Jiajie Yang, Lang Zheng, Yuan Jiang
Research Cluster 5&6

14:30 | LaminAR
Students: Xinlu Chen, Zeshun Liang, Yiguan Liu, Laizhen Wu
Research Cluster 9

15:00 | Loops
Students: Ling Dai, Tongyao Lin, Yichao Shi, Yiting Ma, 
Research Cluster 2

15:30 | Gaming Consensus for CLi-Migration
Students: Beiyuan Zhang, Bingchuan Jiang, Junyi Du, Xiayi Zheng.
Research Cluster 1

16:00 | Tesseract
Students: Wanzhu Jiang, Ying Lin, Jiaqi Wang, Zongliang Yu
Research Cluster 3

16:30 | MoreThanHuman
Students: Yi Sui, Chris Whiteside,  Zhan Xu
Research Cluster 7

17:00 | YIMBY
Students: Mengzhen Guo, Yusong Hu, Li Jingwei, Li Yangzhi
Research Cluster 4 

Image: 'Knowledge Offload and Reapply', by Architectural Design MArch students Jiang Lei, An Lusha, Bo Wenzhao, Ren Yue from Research Cluster 1.