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Possible Futures: Stuart Candy

17 June 2020, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Sounds and Sweet Airs by Kornbongkoch Harnpinijsak, Nong Hua Lim and Weichen Tang

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Christine Wurth


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Possible Futures is a weekly lecture series that explores different ways to engage with and shape our collective futures, interrogating how the ability to ‘future’ can inform our practice as creatives, our actions and agency as citizens and our responsibility as human beings on this planet.
Our speakers are inspiring creatives, researchers, and activists that employ critical and speculative approaches to design and technology to question how ethical, inclusive and future facing our industry currently is. Lectures will explore various themes from human connection to mental health, accessibility and equality to sustainability, and the create narratives around possible futures. 

Lectures take place every Wednesday.

This series is organised by Christine Wurth of Design for Performance & Interaction MArch.

Speaker biography

Stuart Candy is a pioneer of experiential futures practices that increase the cultural capacity for foresight, via design, games and live interventions. His work has appeared worldwide in museums, festivals, conferences, city streets, on the Discovery Channel and in the pages of The Economist and Wired.

As a foresight practitioner and educator Stuart has helped accelerate exchange and learning between futures and design, storytelling, social innovation, and enterprise. Since 2017 he has been an Associate Professor in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
As a consultant Stuart works with a range of leaders and learners to integrate foresight into diverse organisational settings. Recent clients and partners include UNESCO, IDEO, Interface Inc, the Sydney Opera House, and Oxford University, as well as governments at all levels. He is Director of Situation Lab, a member of the foresight advisory board at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Switzerland), and a Fellow of The Long Now Foundation (USA), INK (India), the World Futures Studies Federation (France), and the Museum of Tomorrow (Brazil).

Image: Sounds and Sweet Airs, by Kornbongkoch Harnpinijsak, Nong Hua Lim and Weichen Tang. Design for Performance & Interaction students, 2019.