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Possible Futures: Elsa Sotiriadis

24 June 2020, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Sounds and Sweet Airs by Kornbongkoch Harnpinijsak, Nong Hua Lim and Weichen Tang

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Christine Wurth

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Possible Futures is a weekly lecture series that explores different ways to engage with and shape our collective futures, interrogating how the ability to ‘future’ can inform our practice as creatives, our actions and agency as citizens and our responsibility as human beings on this planet.
Our speakers are inspiring creatives, researchers, and activists that employ critical and speculative approaches to design and technology to question how ethical, inclusive and future facing our industry currently is. Lectures will explore various themes from human connection to mental health, accessibility and equality to sustainability, and the create narratives around possible futures. 

Lectures take place every Wednesday.

This series is organised by Christine Wurth of Design for Performance & Interaction MArch.

Speaker biography

Dr Elsa Sotiriadis is a VC investor turned futurist keynote speaker and science fiction writer. She is interested in fixing the world with science and technology and exploring the blurring lines between humans and machines.
As a venture capital investor, Elsa helped to invest in, build and launch 25 pioneering biotech start-ups transforming the tech, food and health industries. During her PhD at Imperial College London and HKU, she worked on DNA nanorobots, called aptamers, whose purpose was to kill cancer cells. 

Elsa has been featured by Silicon Republic as one of 15 women to follow in biotech, worked with the BBC on an eco-fiction show and her debut novella Replicon won an honourable mention at the Writers of the Future competition in Hollywood. As The Biofuturist, she helps large technology companies develop a digital biology strategy, writes science fiction and travels the world as a keynote speaker.

Check out Elsa on Instagram.

Image: Sounds and Sweet Airs, by Kornbongkoch Harnpinijsak, Nong Hua Lim and Weichen Tang. Design for Performance & Interaction students, 2019.