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Making Magic Happen: Maria Smigielska

23 June 2020, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

I.F.L.Y. by Qiuyan Da and Jingcheng Xie, Design for Performance & Interaction students 2019.

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Making Magic Happen is a weekly lecture series featuring talks from artists, programmers, developers and technologists. Lectures take place every Tuesday.

Our speakers give behind-the-scenes insight into how their design and technical skills have helped them make the magic happen in their respective fields of architecture, design, software development, fabrication, performance and interaction. 

This series is organised by Jessica In, Skills coordinator of Design for Performance & Interaction MArch.

Speaker biography

Maria Smigielska is a researcher, creative designer and educator based in Zurich, oscilating between architecture, arts and digital technology. She completed her undergraduate architecture degree at TU Poznan, Poland in 2009 and her postgraduate degree at the school of Computer Aided Architectural Design at ETH Zurich, Switzerland in 2013. 

Balancing between research and the applied world, Maria joined Baierbischofberger Architects, in 2014 to implement computational design methods and rationalize complex geometries, specifically facades of art-oriented buildings. She also assisted in various innovative academic projects of smaller scale at Digital Grotesque, ETH.

Check out Maria on Instagram.

Image:  I.F.L.Y. by Qiuyan Da and Jingcheng Xie, Design for Performance & Interaction students 2019.