The Bartlett School of Architecture


Infrastructures of Care: Spaces of Refuge and Displacement

01 February 2019, 10:00 am–6:00 pm

Yangon 2018

A symposium and exhibition at The Bartlett School of Architecture

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Huda Tayob


Various locations

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This event brings together academics, activists, NGOs and spatial practitioners to discuss questions of infrastructures of care relating to forced migration. The aim is to explore the various spatial, material, human, and humanitarian entanglements of provision created for and by displaced people. 


09:30 – Introduction

IAS Common Ground, UCL

Murray Fraser, Vice-Dean Research, The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, UCL 

09:45 – The Politics of Care: Policies, Practices and Inequalities

IAS Common Ground, UCL 

Revisiting the Camp: On the Impossibility of Political Resolution 
Samar Maqusi, RELIEF, UCL 

Refuge in the City of Austerity 
Deena Dajani, London School of Economics 

The Politics of Pain: Prescribing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Conflict 
Ayesha Ahmad, St George’s University of London and UCL 

Navigating the Politics of Care: Experiences of Unaccompanied Young People in the UK and Italy 
Elaine Chase, Institute of Education, UCL

11:30 – Who Cares? Ethics of Humanitarian and Urban Care

IAS Common Ground, UCL 

The Case for an Ethics of Care in Humanitarianisms Inbetween Spaces 
Cathrine Brun, Oxford Brookes 

Infrastructures of Care and Repression in Contemporary Britain 
Aidan Mosselson, University of Sheffield 

Infrastructures of Reception 
Gala Nettelbladt, Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space 

Refugees Hosting Refugees – Endurance and Maintenance of Care 
Howayda Al-Harithy, Camillo Boano, Batoul Yassine, American University of Beirut and UCL

14:00 – Keynote

Room 6.02, 22 Gordon Street, UCL

Dr Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Professor in Migration & Refugee Studies, and Co-Director of the Migration Research Unit, UCL

15:30 – Designing and Respresenting Infrastructures of Care and Control 

Room 6.02, 22 Gordon Street, UCL

Bordered Worlds, Bordered Forms 
Dom Davies, City, University of London 

Participatory Spatial Research as Collective Care & Care for the Collective in the Beqaa Valley 
Hanna Baumann, Joana Dabaj, Riccardo Luca Conti, and Andrea Rigon, UCL and CatalyicAction 

Ethics of Care in a London Drop-in Centre for Refugees and Migrants 
Leyla Williams, The West London Welcome Centre for Refugees and Migrants 

Contested Welcoming 
Caroline Cottet, Refugee Women’s Centre in Grande Synthe, Dunkirk and Calais


Room 1.01, 22 Gordon Street
01 – 08 February 2019.

Exhibited work

The Madafah: Who is hosting whom? 
Aya Musmar, University of Sheffield 

Walking with Purpose 
Bence Komlosi, Mary Rojas and Architecture for Refugees Schweiz 

Informal Tented Settlements 
Diala Makki, Mona Harb, and Mona Fawaz, American University of Beirut 

Passage Variations (Greece/UK 2019, 18min) 
Ektoras Arkomanis, London Metropolitan University 

Integrating the Walls, Transcending our Tiredness 
Ged Ribas Goody, UCL 

Infrastructures of Control 
Giovanna Astolfo, UCL 

Collective Care and Care for the Collective 
Hanna Baumann and Andrea Rigon, UCL, Joana Dabaj and Riccardo Luca Conti, CatalyticAction 

Black Markets: Cape Town and Minneapolis 
Huda Tayob, UCL and LSE 

En Route Camps in Northern France 
Irit Katz, LSE, University of Cambridge and University of Sheffield 

Infrastructures of Caring Citizenship 
Isabel Gutierrez Sanchez, UCL

Afro-Christian Churches as Care-Takers in/of the City 
Luce Beeckmans, Ghent University 

“Welcome to the Green Hotel” 
Maria Hagan, University of Cambridge 

Architectures of Displacement 
Mark E Breeze, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge 

Material and Immaterial ‘Infrastructures of Care’ in Jordan 
Melissa Gatter, University of Cambridge 

The Spatial Aesthetics of a Refugee-guided Tour 
Michal Huss, University of Cambridge 

Design Methodologies, Al Azraq Refugee Camp 
Melina Phillippou, Azra Aksamija, and Zeid Madi Future Heritage Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

A Strange Village: The Squatted Plaza Hotel in Athens 
Nikolaos Kanavaris, Symeon Makaronas, and Stellatou Dimitra NTUA and UCL 

Objects Removed for Study 
Rafael Guendelman Hales, UCL 

Tom Morgan and Darren Dharmadasa, Monash University 

Tempohomes in Berlin 
Viktoria Pues, UN Habitat

Further information

Please note that this event will be held across two locations.

This event is generously supported by The Bartlett Synergy Grant and the Institute for Advanced Studies and Refuge in a Moving World Research group.

Organised by Dr Huda Tayob, Dr Irit Katz and Dr Giovanna Astolfo.


If you have any access requirements please let us know, send an email or call 020 3108 7337 

Image: Yangon, Myanmar, 2018.