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Find out about The Bartlett Research Grants Scheme 2020.

Photograph taken in Lima, Peru, as part of the DPU MSc Environment and Sustainable Development field trip in May 2013

A spirit of collaboration

The first round of the Bartlett Research Grants Scheme 2020 has now concluded. This new scheme, piloted by the Faculty for the 2020-21 academic year, focuses on ‘early career researchers’ working individually or in small teams (within or across the Faculty’s Schools and Institutes), to help kick start new ideas, collaborations, and/or develop larger project proposals to external funders.


A total fund of £50,000 has been awarded for 2020-21, to support five projects of up to £10,000. The Bartlett is the UK’s broadest faculty of the built environment, but our real strength is the power of collaboration, and we have a range of funding opportunities in place to promote cross-disciplinary research.

Meet the awardees

Dr Kostas Grigoriadis

Department: The Bartlett School of Architecture
Project: Minimising Building Envelope Heat Losses through Functional Gradation
Co-applicants: Dr Samuel Stamp and Ioanna Tsoulou (Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering)

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Email: k.grigoriadis@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Daniel Fitzpatrick

Department: The Bartlett School of Planning
Project: Mutualism for Community Hubs (MUCH)

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Email: d.fitzpatrick@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Manos Chaniotakis

Department: UCL Energy Institute
Project: Reducing Emissions for Last Mile logistics (RELM)

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Email: m.chaniotakis@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Vincenzo De Lipsis

Department: UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources
Project: Energy consumption in the age of resource limits

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Email: v.delipsis@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Laura Florez-Perez

Department: The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management
Project: An advanced machine learning-based approach for prediction of task productivity in construction projects
Co-applicant: Dr Fateme Dinmohammadi (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis)

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Email: l.florez@ucl.ac.uk


For more information, please contact the Bartlett Faculty Research and Enterprise Manager, Ella Sivyer: e.sivyer@ucl.ac.uk