The Bartlett School of Architecture



The Bartlett hosts extensive studio, workshop and fabrication resources, as well as advanced computing facilities and one of the UK’s most comprehensive libraries on the built environment.


B-made is a multidisciplinary centre that invites academia, industry and the public to engage with new and traditional tools, processes and materials. Its aim is to merge crafts with science and technology, and make a shift towards a new model of learning.

The centre also offers a powerful creative and collaborative resource to industrial and professional partners, who gain access to world-class resources, expertise and academic networks.


B-made hosts a diversity of powerful resources, combined with large open spaces which serve for full-scale prototyping and assembling. Faculty members, research staff and students are invited to use these from concept and design stages through to completion. 

Professional support is provided by our team of expert staff through structured inductions, tutorials and open classes. 

Analogue Workshop

The analogue workshop includes a wide range of machinery for wood, plastics and metal. 

Numeric Manufacture Centre

The Numeric Manufacture facility houses the school’s digital fabrication equipment. The inventory includes ten Robots (Kuka, ABB, UR), CNC Routers, laser cutters and a WaterJet cutter. 

3D Printing Centre

The 3D printing facility, B-made 3DP, offers various machines such as ZCorp 3D printers, SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) machines, an Objet Connex 500 for multi-material printing, several MakerBots Z18 and hand-held 3D scanners for easy capture of large and small objects. For more information, visit the B-made 3DP blog.

Audiovisual and Photography

The Bartlett’s AV team provides audiovisual equipment for lectures and events, as well as supporting students to create still and time-based images and audio recordings for their portfolios. Equipment for loan includes camcorders, digital still cameras, lighting kits, data projectors, traditional slide projectors and a variety of tripods.  

The Photographic Studio consists of three Dedolight continuous lights and full-width paper backgrounds.



B-made aims to be questioning and experimental, committed to harnessing new and future processes and technologies, for the purposes of feeding them back into taught courses, as well as implementing them in real-world scenarios.

B-made actively promotes UCL’s interdisciplinary research, while supporting School of Architecture’s links to UK and international academic partners. 

Practice and industry

Apart from working together with faculty members, research staff and students, B-made aims to collaborate as a powerful and creative resource with industry and professional practice. By deploying a full and in-depth range of manufacturing and design processes, we strive to support the arts, science and technology communities. 

Collaborators and Partners benefit from access to resources, expertise and academic networks. We can also offer brand presence and PR opportunities, by agreement. To discuss a collaboration, please contact us via architecture@ucl.ac.uk.


Students at The Bartlett have access to a wide range of computing facilities, including several computing clusters equipped with PC and Apple Mac computers, advanced software and colour scanning, plotting and printing facilities. 


The Bartlett’s library is one of the most comprehensive to be found anywhere on architecture, planning, building and construction management, with around 40,000 monograph volumes, a technical information section and current editions of more than 250 magazines and journals.