Meet Paola Lettieri: Happy to Chat project sponsor

Meet Professor Paola Lettieri, Pro-Provost for UCL East, and one of the sponsors of the Happy to Chat benches

“On a sunny but windy afternoon, we sat on the Happy to Chat Bench situated on the terrace of the One Pool Street building to reflect on the opportunities that UCL East brings to our students, the beauty of the park surrounding the campus, and the travel by bike between Bloomsbury and UCL East. With the students now living in the towers upstairs, the Happy Bench is a welcome addition to the students’ living environment created at UCL East.”

Who would you most like to have a conversation with and why?

Projecting into the future - 50 years from now (if only there was a real time machine), I would love to speak to a member of the public who was born in Newham today, and studied and lived in the area throughout the time. I would love to know what difference UCL East has made to their life and to the local community.

Which of our inspirational women most struck a chord with you?

They are all incredible women; however, Sarah Parker Remond resonated with me, for her pioneering work for civil rights and women's suffrage during the 19th century. Incidentally, this is the very theme of the permanent art work in our One Pool Street building at UCL East by artist Emma Hart “Hear Now”, which celebrates the work of the East London Federation of Suffragettes and their campaign to give women a voice to improve living conditions and women’s rights. Come and see it!

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