Astrea Celebrates Inspirational Female Line Managers

This year we launched a campaign inviting members of the network to send us their stories celebrating truly supportive line managers. 

We wanted to hear inspirational stories about managers who have supported, championed and advocated for their female staff, who have gone over and beyond to provide opportunities for their career development and who have taken steps to mitigate the gendered impact of the pandemic. 

We received nominations from women across the whole institution and put together an online gallery with excerpts from the nominations of those happy to be featured.

All Nominees:

Alice Blatchford
Alison Rodger
Anna Mavrogianni
Anna David
Atalanta Hersey
Audrey Prost
Beth Beasant
Breege Whiten
Carole Dalin
Catalina Spataru
Catarina Veiga
Catherine Stow
Catriona Wilson
Cecilia Vindrola
Charlotte Choudhry
Charlotte Hagen
Claire Betts
Claire Prescott
Clare Metcalfe
Clare Heaviside
Davina Scoble
D'Maris Coffman
Eleanor Day
Elly Martin
Emily Wilkes
Emma Shirbon
Emmi Suonpera
Farhat Gilani
Fran Hortop
Gabi Almquist
Gaye Allcorn
Gemma Moore
Hannah Biggs
Harriet Lilley
Heather Bailey

Helen Higgins
Helene Crutzen
Helene Crutzen
Hillary Brown
Hristina Nabosnyi
Ilaria Marsili
Jane Cavanagh
Jane Cavanagh
Jenevieve Mannell
Jo Gibbs
Jo Wilks
Jolene Skordis
Julia Weston
Julie Smith
Kate Fraser
Kate Higham
Kate Keen
Katherine Manley
Katherine (Kath) Woolf
Katie Price
Katja Janus
Katja Lamping
Katy Hamilton
Kelly Trifilo
Kim Van Poeteren
Kimberley Ashwell
Kimberly Cornfield
Kjell Horn
Kristina Narvet
Laura Skinner
Ligia Kiss
Lisa Fernand
Lorren Rea
Louise Harris
Mailis Merisalu

Marcia Rigby
Marcia Sousa-Phipps
Maria Kamargianni
Maureen Fordham
Megan Putt
Melissa Browne
Michelle Tinsley
Michelle Wein
Nasima Bashar
Noreen Kassem
Paola Lettieri
Paula Sandamas
Philippa Shallard
Philippa (Pip) Johnston
Rachel Hobbs
Rhiannon Williams
Rikke Osterlund
Ronak Patel
Rowena Lamb
Sacha Noimark
Sam Mardell
Sam Wilkinson
Sara Collins
Sarah Cheers
Shivani Singh
Sian Lunt
Sonika Tapley
Stefanie Anyadi
Su-Lin Lee
Tansy Jones
Titilola Ogunsowon
Tor Wright
Wendy Tester
Weronika Bennings

In case you missed it!

Some of the fantastic nominees from our Inspirational Line Managers campaign spoke in a round-table discussion and Q&A session. Access the recording below.

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