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BASc Arts and Sciences

UCL’s liberal Arts and Sciences (BASc) degrees are unlike any other in the UK. They provide enormous flexibility, allowing you to create a bespoke programme incorporating arts, social sciences and science subjects. You will also take Core modules which will give you the skills to work effectively across disciplines and study a modern foreign language. In addition, there's also the opportunity to spend a year studying or working abroad.

Who's it for?

Students choose to major in one of four Pathways: Cultures, Health and Environment, Sciences and Engineering or Societies. If you choose to major in Cultures or Societies, you minor in Health and Environment or Sciences and Engineering – and vice versa. Alongside the Pathways, students study specially designed Core courses created to enhance understanding of how different branches of knowledge interrelate. These Core courses enable you to acquire the skills and concepts you will need to work effectively across multiple disciplines. The Core courses further encourage you to link traditional UCL subjects in new ways, or explore the conceptual and methodological differences between arts and sciences.

As part of the Core, you will also study a foreign language – essential in today’s global society. And, before your final year, you can undertake an optional internship, giving you the chance to explore future employment options. 

On graduation, you will have two academic specialisms, strong leadership and communication skills and the ability to work flexibly, creatively and internationally in a range of fields.

"The skills and knowledge I have eveloped gave me the confidence, as well as the opportunity, to undertake an fast-paced internship in the centre of London with real responsibility. Outside an educational context you realise the invaluable skills that Arts and Sciences teaches you: proactivity, teamwork, determination, leadership, preservation, motivation, confidence. The internship helps to strengthen these skills and puts you in a position to leave UCL and enter the job market with confidence, an enviable position to be in." Alex, Cultures major and 2015 graduate.

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