Arts Sciences


Dr Tim Beasley-Murray

Tim Beasley-Murray, Associate Professor of European Thought and Culture, works on literature and philosophy across French, German, Czech, Slovak and English-language cultures.  A committed inter-disciplinarian, he has recently joined the BASc programme after many years at UCL.  He is looking forward to making the most of the innovative culture of the BASc and will be teaching a new course, “Introduction Into Politics”. Tim has a wide range of research interests (masks, evil, silence, for example) and  is currently finishing a book on risk, narcissism and literary games that get out of hand.  Besides teaching on the BASc, Tim is also Academic Director of the UCL Introductory Programme, Director of the PhD Programme in Creative Critical Writing, and Academic Director of the new BA in Creative Arts and Humanities programme that will launch in September 2023.


Tim is module convenor for BASC0041 Introduction into Politics: Key Concepts and Texts and BASC0059 Applied Humanities 1: The Creative Laboratory