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Health and Environment Year 1 choices

The modules listed below are designated as best encapsulating the conception of the Health and Environment Pathway and are chosen to allow progression to the most number of higher level courses. Whilst every effort has been made to timetable these modules so that there are no clashes between any of them, we cannot guarantee that every combination is 100% clash-free.

Please note: module availability and content may be subject to change. 

CodeTitleCreditsPrerequisitesModule Level
ANAT0001Introduction to Anatomy and Development15 Level 4

Introduction to Biological Anthropology I A

15 Level 4
BASC0079Environmental Change and Disease15 Level 4
BIOC0001Biochemistry and Molecular Biology15A Level (or equivalent) Chemistry recommendedLevel 4
BIOL0003Introduction to Genetics15 Level 4
BIOL0004Life on Earth15 Level 4
GEOG0007Human Ecology: Geographical Perspectives15 Level 4
GEOL0003History of Life15At least one of Biology, Geography or Geology at A Level (or equivalent)Level 4
GEOL0006Surface Processes15 Level 4
HPSC****Any ONE of the Level 4 modules available
(available as a Health and Environment choice to students majoring in this pathway only. EDPS0247 cannot also be taken by H&E majors)
15 Level 4
IRDR0020Climate and Natural Hazard Risks
(available to students majoring in Health and Environment only)
15Due to very limited places, students will only be able to take a maximum of one of IRDR0018 (Societies) or IRDR0020Level 4
PHAR0002An Introduction to the Mechanisms of Drug Action15Background in science A Levels (or equivalent)Level 4
PSYC0038Introduction to Social and Business Psychology15 Level 4
PSYC0039Introduction to Psychology15 Level 4

Students should check the online module catalogue for assessment details and the confirmed term a module is scheduled to run.

Year 2 and Final Year

Information on course choices for the second and final year can be found by clicking on the links below.