History of Art


Corinna Canali

PhD supervisor: Ramon Amaro
Working title for PhD: 'Automating Inquisition: Censorship of Gender and Sexual Expression in Online Content Moderation'

With a particularised focus on the banishing and removal of non-conforming gender and sexual expression, I am investigating how online content moderation of user-generated content functions as a "politics of truth" reframing the power relations in society and inducing new forms of knowledge and production. My research project, through both practical testing and archival work, engages in a comprehensive analysis of the multiple ways in which artistic and non-artistic depictions of nudity and sexuality are forcefully recast by online censorship. Furthermore, it aims to understand how this affects the creation and consumption of such visual material by both human and non-human viewers. Consequently, my work not only investigates the effect of violent censoring methods on historically othered and nonnormative bodies, but it further foregrounds how the same suppressed bodies have the potential to become powerful withstanding sites of intimacy and subversion.