UCL Art Futures



Concourse is an organic, interactive, digital art piece.

Created by Patrick White, Concourse celebrates the unique, multidisciplinary, collaboration that developed the CreaTech Glossary. The work will expand alongside the glossary itself, with names being added as new contributions are made.

Commemorating each person who helped create the glossary, Concourse presents the names of all contributors in a visual and sonic experience. Audience members can interact with the piece – navigating through the work to find individual names. As you explore the work, notice how the appearance of each name, and the sounds that you hear change, reflecting the impact of different disciplines and experiences coming together to create a new perspective on the world.

You can learn more about Concourse via our Q&A with Patrick White.

Due to the complexity of the artwork please allow a moment for the page to load. We recommend opening Concourse via a laptop or desktop (rather than mobile device) in Chrome. 

Access Concourse