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Legal documents and guidance

We’re developing user-friendly and accessible legal documents, guidance and standards for use by, and with, the creative sector. These resources will make it easier for creative industries to engage with lawyers and protect their legal rights.

As part of this programme of work, we're also developing new legal models (and supporting documents) that better reflect emerging relationships and ways of working within the creative sector. 

Developing a universal non-disclosure agreement 

UCL Art Futures is a founding member of oneNDA, a national initiative to develop a standardised and universal non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for use across all sectors. Over 800 organisations have committed to adopting the oneNDA (due for release in June 2021), making significant progress towards its widespread use. This pioneering project helps to reduce the time and costs that can otherwise be incurred in negotiating NDAs and is an important step towards ensuring transactional fairness and efficiency.

Protecting and monetising creative IP

This research project is looking into how artists, creative content produces, and creative industries working with new technologies can protect their IP and be paid fairly for their work, particularly online.

Creative IP: Monetising creative content

This roundtable discussion in December 2020 considered the processes of value generation and capture in the creative digital economy. It brought together artists, activists, academics, policy makers and industry representatives. Download the policy report created from the discussion (Word).

Expanded formats: Reimagining art economies online

This panel discussion on alternative future art market economies took place in October 2020 as part of FOTAM 2020: Redefining Value In The Art Market. The panel was convened by Lucy Rose Sollitt and Jo Townshend, co-founder of Art Futures. Watch a recording of the discussion on The Future of the Art Market website.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and art 

This strand of work is looking at the challenges and opportunities that AI present to creators.

AI for People & Planet

In June 2020, Art Futures led a roundtable discussion to "identify mechanisms for leveraging the UK’s creative strength via AI’s transformational effect on society." The event was part of a series of roundtable discussions on the topic of AI. These events brought together leading voices in policy, industry, third sector and academia with the aim of stimulating dialogue and forging consensus on how to deliver 'AI for People and Planet'. A booklet with policy insights from the series is available on the AI for People & Planet website.

Art (I)relevance: AI and Art Futures symposium

This event in September 2019 brought together international speakers, and companies and startups from a broad spectrum of disciplines. Discussions spanned historical and emergent digital arts practice, art market trends, and data-driven innovation for makers and public and private audiences. Read a write-up of the event on the UCL Innovation & Enterprise website.