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Studying an Archaeology Programme with the Institute provides our students with transferable skills valuable across a number of careers, not least becoming an Archaeologist. 

Few other subject areas address the wide breadth of skills and knowledge covered in an archaeology degree. Our graduates leave the Institute having had the opportunity to develop key communication, teamwork and analytical skills, alongside planning, project management, risk assessment and resilience. 

Careers support

In addition to the support you will receive from the Institute of Archaeology, UCL has its own Careers Service, which gives up-to-date information about jobs within UCL, careers events, potential recruiters, and where to find further information on enhancing your skills both within and outside of academia. Full details of resources are available via the UCL Careers website.

Careers events at the Institute

Each year the Institute organises a 'Careers in Ruins' event at the Institute (open to both undergraduate and graduate students) at which professionals, the majority of whom are Institute alumni, are invited to talk to the students about how to get a job / further experience within the Heritage and Archaeology sector as well as exploring work in different spheres - such as Law, Business, the Civil Service, and the Crown Service. 

Academic staff are also invited to speak about continuing in academia with information on Graduate Programmes (both at UCL and at other universities) and further education, as well as becoming a Lecturer in Archaeology or related subject area. 

Please contact Charlotte Frearson for details about this event. 

Careers information on social media

The Institute has a Facebook page to provide students with information about careers events at UCL and the University of London. You can also get information on the UCL Careers Twitter feed.

Careers in museum conservation

If you're passionate about preserving the past for future generations a career in conservation will suit you. Discover what qualifications, skills and experience you need to fulfil this highly-skilled role.

Careers in academia


Marcos Martinon-Torres gives his tips on how to have a career in academia.

Institute alumni

Below is a list of some of our notable alumni.

  • Joseph Coelho (BA Archaeology, 2002) is a poet and had been named Children's Laureate for 2022-24.
  • Gretel Evans (BA Archaeology, 1992) is currently working on the conservation of material from early historic Antarctic explorers.
  • Marta Gergely (MA Cultural Heritage Studies, 2002) is now a published writer of fiction.
  • Louisa Gilbert (BSc Archaeology, 2010) is now an environmental documentary film maker.
  • Peter Ginn (BA Egyptian Archaeology, 2000) and Alex Langlands (MA Archaeology, 2001; BA Medieval Archaeology, 1998) have been television presenters, re-living the past in the present. Alex is now Senior Lecturer at Swansea University. 
  • Kirsty Hayes (BA Archaeology, 1998) works for the Foreign Office, was appointed UK Ambassador to Portugal and is currently UK Ambassador to Argentina.
  • Hayley Kruger (BA Archaeology, 2000) is Learning and Events Officer at London's Hunterian Museum.
  • Nofa Nasser (MA Public Archaeology, 2000) is Director of The Jordan Museum.

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