Research Requiring National Research Ethics Service Approval

You must apply to the National Research Ethics Service for research permission if:

  • Your research involves patients or service users of NHS healthcare
  • Your research involves collecting data from any users of this service, or access to confidential information of patients by researchers outside the normal care team without the patients consent
  • Your research uses previously collected data from which a past/present user of these services could be identified
  • Your research involves individuals over the age of 16 who are unable to give informed consent to take part in the research
  • Your research involves human tissue from the living or deceased

You do not need to apply for research permission if:

  • You have obtained the patient or user’s informed consent to having their data collected by you, and they are considered able to give that consent
  • You are using previously collected data that has been made anonymous and from which a past or present user of NHS healthcare cannot be identified

Further information on how to apply for this approval is available from the UCL Research Ethics Committee website»

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