Petrie Palestinian Project

Field record for Tell el-'Ajjul Tomb 2120

Documentation and development of an online resource

Petrie exhibiting material from Tell Fara

This project has the following aims

  • To completely catalogue the Institute of Archaeology’s holdings of material in the Petrie Palestinian Collection and make it available online via the IoA collections website.
  • To research the current locations of all materials from Petrie’s excavations in British Mandate Palestine between 1926 and 1938 and provide an online guide to these resources.
  • To digitise Petrie’s field records from Tell el-‘Ajjul and Tell Fara, and make these available to researchers online.
  • To conduct research into Petrie’s field methods and practices, and reassess material from his excavations.

Related outputs

  • Laidlaw, S., Sparks, R.T. and P.J. Ucko. 2007. A Future for the Past: Petrie’s Palestinian Collection. This was the catalogue of an exhibition held at the Brunei Gallery in London.
  • Sparks, R.T. 2005. The Lost Loci of Tell el-‘Ajjul: Petrie’s Area C, PEQ 137.1, 23-29.

Currently working on the following publications:

  • Flinders Petrie Through Word and Deed: Excavating Palestine during the British Mandate Period
  • Shades of Significance: Net weights, fishhooks and netting needles in mortuary contexts at Tell el-‘Ajjul
  • Publicising Petrie: financing fieldwork in British Mandate Palestine
  • Conference paper planned for ASOR 2012 Annual meeting: Evaluating past practice as a guide to future use: the many degrees of provenance in Petrie’s Palestinian excavations


  • Funding was received at an early stage in this research from the Stockman Foundation

Project Leader:

Project Partners:

  • Simon Groom
    Collaboration on the publication of some pottery from Tell el-‘Ajjul
  • Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and New York
    Discussions about a collaborative book on Tell el-‘Ajjul


Further information:

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