Institute for Archaeo-Metallurgical Studies


Professor Izumi Shimada's visit to IAMS

20 June 2015

Professor Izumi Shimada recently delivered the IAMS Beno Rothenberg Memorial Lecture to a full lecture theatre at the UCL Institute of Archaeology.

I. Shimada The lecture, entitled "Obsessed with Metal: Manufacture, Use and Significance of metal in the thousand year-old Sicán Culture of South America", presented a captivating synopsis of four decades of work by the Sican Archaeological Project.

As noted by Prof Thilo Rehren in his introduction, the 'obsession with metal' is a strong theme that connects the ancient Sican culture with the interests of both Prof Shimada and the late Prof Beno Rothenberg, and therefore a fitting topic to celebrate the memory of the founder of IAMS.

The numerous guests attending the lecture and reception that followed included Julio Muñoz (Ambassador of Peru in the UK), Prof Alejandro Madrigal (UCL's Vice-Pro-Provost for the Americas), Robert Perlman (IAMS Chairman) and Judith Gavish, among many others.