Institute for Archaeo-Metallurgical Studies


Books and Monographs

Research images of metal, ceramic, glass, and SEM

The Institute for Archaeo-Metallurgical Studies has published a number of books and monographs on ancient metallurgy. Those interested in purchasing copies of these books should contact Thames & Hudson Publishers directly as we do not hold extra copies.

  • Rothenberg, B., Tylecote, R.F. and Boydel, P.J., 1978. Chalcolithic Copper Smelting. London: Thames & Hudson.
  • Rothenberg, B. and Blanco-Freijeiro, A., 1981. Studies in Ancient Mining and Metallurgy in South-West Spain. London: Thames & Hudson.
  • Rothenberg, B. (ed.), 1988. The Egyptian Mining Temple at Timna. London: Thames & Hudson.
  • Rothenberg, B. (ed.), 1990. The Ancient Metallurgy of Copper. London: Thames & Hudson.
  • Levene D. and Rothenberg, B., 2007. A Metallurgical Gemara: Metals in the Jewish Sources. London: Thames & Hudson.