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IAMS Summer School 2013

17 June 2013–28 June 2013, 12:00 am–12:00 am

IAMS Summer School 2012 pXRF Session

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UCL, London, UK

This year's Summer Schoold will be held at UCL's Institute of Archaeology following the exciting HMS 50th anniversary conference. We welcome anyone with an interest in archaeometallurgy to attend our two week course.

Running for over a decade, the IAMS Summer School offers two weeks of classes to those interested in the archaeology of metallurgy. The course is aimed at professionals, academics, students, and enthusiasts and covers a diverse range of topics, including mining, metal production, experimental reconstruction, field methods, to the analysis of metallic artefacts. Lectures typically cover both ferrou and non-ferrous metals and will involve artefact handling sessions as well as demonstrations with analytical instruments such as a scanning electron microscope (SEM-EDS) and a portable x-ray fluorescence (pXRF).

This year IAMS is pleased to invite those interested in the field of ancient and historical metallurgy to attend our summer school on the last two weeks of June. Following the traditional format, lectures will be given by a series of academic experts in their respective fields on various aspects of metallurgy.

Details of the program are still being finalised we now have a list of speakers and a ten. We will announce the full program as it is formalised, but please get in touch with us if you would like more details about the different sessions. Details of the program can be found below; although, it may yet be subject to some minor changes. 

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Date: 17th - 28th June 2013
Location: UCL Institute of Archaeology, London, UK
Number of places available: Full
Fee: £300 (both weeks) / £180 (one week) / free for UCL students
Some limited funding available - please contact us for further information
Contact person: Pira Venunan

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Final schedule

Speaker Topic
First Week Prof. Thilo Rehren General foundations of archaeometallurgy 1
  Prof. Thilo Rehren General foundations of archaeometallurgy 2

Dr. Simon Timberlake Early mining and metallurgy in the British Isles
  Dr. Anna Feuerbach Metals in society: Damascus steel

Dr. Brigitte Cech Roman mining technology and gold mining in Spain
Second Week Dr. Brigitte Cech Medieval and early modern times gold and silver mining in the Austrian Alps and Roman iron production in Austria
  Dr. Eleanor Blakelock Introduction to metallography and artefact analysis

Dr. Marcos Martinón-Torres Portable XRF: Terracotta Army weapons Practical: SEM, XRF, and pXRF

Dr. Marcos Martinón-Torres Microanalysis: Gold in America
Practical: SEM, XRF, and pXRF
  Dr. Marcos Martinón-Torres Artefact handling sessions and open discussion
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List of speakers

Professor Thilo Rehren - Process Reconstruction, Crucible Technology, Metal Production - UCL Qatar

Dr. Simon Timberlake - Prehistoric Mining, British Bronze Age, Experimental Archaeo-metallurgy - Cambridge Archaeological Unit, University of Cambridge

Dr. Brigitte Cech - Mining and Industrial Archaeology, Roman Iron Production - UCL Qatar

Dr. Eleanor Blakelock - Metallography, Anglo-Saxon and Viking period iron technology in Britain and Ireland - British Museum

Dr. Anna Feuerbach - Damascus crucible steel, Material Culture and Technology as Anthropology - Hofstra University

Dr. Marcos Martinón-Torres - Alchemy and Chemistry, Technical Ceramics, Brass-making - UCL Institute of Archaeology