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AMRSan Researcher Links Workshop (5-8 Feb, Mumbai) - Open for Applications 

11 December 2017

Applications are now open for the AMRSan Researcher Links Workshop taking place at the Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai from 5th to 8th February 2018.


The AMRSan workshop will aim to stimulate research collaborations between the UK and India by exploring how sustainable sanitation technologies can be employed in the reduction of the spread of antimicrobial resistance and is aimed at early career researchers.

The workshop is funded by the Newton Fund and the Royal Society of Chemistry. All participants' travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Newton Researcher Links programme. For more information about the workshop aims, the programme and application process, please see the call information below.

Applications for the workshop are now open (form below). Applications will be judged on how their professional research goals are aligned with the workshop objectives. Completed applications should be submitted by 5 pm on Sunday 31st December 2017 to Dr Lena Ciric at University College London (l.ciric@ucl.ac.uk), the UK coordinator of the workshop. Please contact Dr Ciric if you have any queries.

Call information

Application form