UCL Antimicrobial Resistance


UCL AMR Network

NameJob TitleDepartmentUnderstanding the threatDeveloping and testing therapiesDeveloping diagnostics and supporting stewardshipTracking resistant organismsChanging behaviour and environmentOutreach and Education Area of expertise
Dr. Elaine AllanSenior Lecturer in Molecular MicrobiologyEastman Dental Institute Y  Y Bacteriology, smart surfaces
Dr. Mona Bajaj-ElliottSenior LecturerInsitute of Child HealthY     Infection and immunity
Dr. Claire BankierResearch AssociateCivil, Environmental & Geomatic EngineeringYY Y  Microbiology
Mr. Richard BeckettLecturerArchitecture    Y Building design
Miss Isabel BennettPhD studentLondon Centre for Nanotechnology Y    High resolution imaging of the effect of antimicrobials on live bacterial cells.
Dr. Manni BhattiTeaching FellowCivil Engineering YY  YNovel treatments
Ms. Carrie BurgessResearch NurseDivision of Infection and immunityY YY  Pathogen genomics
Dr. Melisa CanalesTechnical officerCivil Environmental EngineeringY  YYYEnvironment and Microorganism
Miss Alina ChrzastekMRes studentBiological SciencesYY Y  Repurposing of current drugs to treat tuberculosis
Dr. Lena CiricSenior LecturerCivil, Environmental & Geomatic EngineeringY   Y AMR in the built environment
Dr. Elaine Cloutman-GreenPrincipal Clinical Scientist/Clinical LecturerInfection Prevention and Control  YYY Infection Prvention and Control
Mr Pedro Ernesto de ResendePhD studentUCL School of Pharmacy Y    Drug discovery
Miss Rachael DickmanPhD studentChemistry Y    Solid phase peptide synthesis of antimicrobial peptides
Mr Cornelius DodooPhd studentSchool of Pharmacy  Y Y Formulation science
Prof. Asterios GavriilidisProfessorChemical Engineering Y    Chemical engineering, nanoparticle manufacturing, flow chemistry
Prof. Ivan GoutHead, Cell RegulationSMB, Division of BiosciencesY     Cellular metabolism in eukaryotes and prokaryotes
Dr. Kenth GustaffsonReaderInstitute of Child HealthY     Infection and immunity
Mr. Sherif HamedPhD studentMechanical Engineering YY   Wettability and superhydrophobicity
Prof. Hong HeLecturerMechanical Engineering Y    Stomatology
Dr. Jess HealyFellowSchool of Pharmacy Y    Medicinal chemistry
Dr. Jie HuangReaderMechanical EngineeringYY    Antibacterial nanoparticle, coating
Ms. Ethel KorantengPhD StudentUCL Surgery / Chemistry / Microbiology Y    Antimicrobial Surfaces
Dr. Tom MacdonaldResearch AssociateChemistry  Y   Nanoparticles for antibacterial surfaces
Mrs Arundhati MaitraPhD studentBiological Sciences Y   YTuberculosis- drug target validation
Miss Rupy MatharuPhD StudentMechanical Engineering Y    Antimicrobial Agents
Mrs Enas NewirePhD studentEastman Dental InstituteY  Y  Transferable resistance and fitness, and CRISPRs
Mr Dewi Rhys OwenResearch AssistantCentre for Clinical Microbiology  Y   Molecular diagnostics
Dr. Raul QuesadaSenior Postdoctoral AssociateChemistryY     Photocatalysis and Environmental treatment
Mr. Ajijur RahmanPhD studentMicrobial DiseasesY  Y  Molecular microbiology
Ms Kerry RoulstonClinical Scientist and PhD studentUCL Centre for Clinical Microbiology  YY  Antimicrobial resistance in gram-negative bacteria
Dr. Joanne SantiniReader in MicrobiologyBiosciences/Structural & Molecular BiologyY     Microbiology, microbial physiology, molecular microbiology, microbiome
Dr. Annegret SchneiderResearch AssociateDepartment of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology    Y AMR behavioural change interventions
Prof. Clare SeldenProfessorMedicine Y    Pathogen reduction technology
Mr Liam ShawPhD studentGenetics, Evolution and EnvironmentY  Y  Microbial ecology and bacterial genetics
Dr. Sheldon StoneSenior LecturerMe+G45+A45:H45    Y HCAI, screening, behaviour, CI, hand hygine
Prof. Alethea TaborProfessor of Chemical BiologyChemistry Y    Synthesis and chemical biology of lantibiotics
Dr. Manish TiwariLecturerUCL Mechanical EngineeringYYYY  Engineering, Point-of-care diagnostics, microfluics, antibacterial surfaces
Dr. Ryo ToriiLecturerMechanical EngineeringY YYYYComputational biomechanics (fluid, solid, mass transport)
Dr. Lucy van DorpPost-doctoral researcherUCL Genetics InstituteY  Y YPopulation genetics, bioinformatics
Prof. John WardProfessor of Synthetic Biology for BioprocessingBiochemical Engineering Y    New antibiotics, phages, antibiotic biosynthesis
Dr. Geoff WellsSenior LecturerUCL School of Pharmacy Y    Drug discovery
Dr. Rachel WilliamsProject/Pathogen Genomics Unit ManagerUCL Infection and Immunity  Y   NGS sequencing
Miss Like XuPhD studentCivil, Environmental & Geomatic EngineeringY  Y  Antibiotic resistance
Prof. Amuddin ZumlaProfessor of Infectious Disease and International HealthInfection and immunityYYY  YTB and respiratory tract infections