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AMR-related Funding Opportunities and Events

Upcoming AMR-related funding opportunities




    Workshop: UK-China AMR Center Partnership Initiative (20-24 November, Shanghai, China)

    Deadline (Expressions of interest - workshop): 19 September, 2017 (4 pm). Details for submitting an Expression of interest can be found here

    Deadline (applications): Expected to open in early 2018, with a deadline in autumn 2018. 

    Funders: Research Councils UK, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (under the umbrella of the Newton fund)

    The workshop will explore opportunities for collaboration in this area. 

    Following the workshop, RCUK will launch the call for proposals for collaborative centre partnerships focussed on addressing the challenge of AMR in China.  It is expected that collaborations will span areas of expertise including social, economic, cultural, ecological, historical, environmental, technical, and biological factors. RCUK will make up to £8M available to support the UK notes of 3-5 center partnerships over a 3 year period. 

    BSAC: AMR Market Lounges (October 19 and November 15, London)

    Register here: http://bsac.org.uk/amr-market-lounges/ 

    The AMR Market Lounges will provide a unique opportunity to provide the solutions to the challenges you are facing. Based on the key recommendations from the 2016 O'Neill Review, this matchmaking process, of which delegates are matched via a pre-lounge questionnaire, will accelerate solutions whilst strengthening relationships across the AMR field. Each delegate will be grouped with their peers and participate in a series of short, sharp and focused 10 minute conversations with solution providers whilst being asked to critique each provider and evaluate the benefit to themselves and wider AMR challenges. Following each conversation delegates will move to another table and once again engage.

    Focus areas:

    • Market Lounge 1 (October 19, London): a) Promoting new, rapid, diagnostics to reduce unnecessary use of antimicrobials, b) promoting the development and use of vaccines and alternatives and increase the supply of new antimicrobials, c) a global innovation fund for early stage and non-commercial R&D
    • Market Lounge 2 (November 15, London): a) Improve global surveillance of drug resistance and antimicrobial consumption in humans and animals, b) reduce unnecessary use of antimicrobials in agriculture and their dissemination into the environment, 3) better incentives to promote investment for new drugs and improving existing ones. 

    UK-China AMR R&D Partnership

    Deadline: Call not yet open - expected early 2018

    Funder: Innovate UK, on behalf of the Department of Health and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. 

    A new competition will make up to £10M available to UK organisations to work with Chinese partners. The aim is to support novel projects that neither country would be able to conduct within the same timeframe without the other's expertise. This should develop new produces or services against AMR. Where appropriate, they should include clinical evaluation. 

    Projects will be led by a UK-based business of any size. There should be at least one partner from the UK and one of China in a project team. Up to £750,000 is available for projects on the UK side. 

    Global Challenges Research Fund Networking Grants

    Deadline: 6th September (5 pm)

    Funder: Academy of Medical Sciences (with British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Royal Society)

    The Academy of Medical Sciences is delighted to announce the inaugural call for applications to a new scheme to allow researchers from developing countries and the UK to forge new links and hold networking events to generate innovative and interdisciplinary research ideas to address global challenges. This support will enable these new networks to be better equipped to apply for larger grants offered by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) programme and other funding initiatives. 

    Applications should focus on building a collaborative network and therefore should be submitted jointly by a lead overseas researcher from a developing country and a lead researcher based in the UK. Up to £25,000 is available. 

    Workshop for UK-Vietnam Newton Call: Partnership for Infectious Disease Research 2017 - Workshop (10-12 October, 2017; Hanoi, Vietnam)

    Deadline for Expression of Interest (workshop): Friday, 8th September (4 pm)

    Funders: MRC and Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology

    The workshop will provide researchers from the UK and Vietnam the opportunity to establish new partnerships. Only one academic per institution may attend. 

    The workshop is in preparation for the forthcoming call for proposals, which will support biomedical research in health areas of importance to the Vietnamese population, which will lead to health benefits in Vietnam, particularly for the poorest and most vulnerable in society. This call will require applicants based in Vietnam and the UK to work together in partnership on research projects. 

    Areas of particular interest include: HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, TB, malaria, respiratory infections, neglected tropical infections, AMR (excluding epidemiological and surveillance activities). 

    Sandpit (in India): Addressing the challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance (w/c 6th November)

    Deadlines (for Expressions of Interest): 11 September (4 pm)

    Funders: UK Research Councils and the Department of Biotechnology 

    Expression of interest form

    Objectives: This sandpit will be a residential interactive workshop over 3.5 days in India in early November 2017 (w/c 6/11/2017) and will lead to collaborative research projects aimed at addressing the issue of AMR in humans and animals in India. The sandpit will facilitate the formation of teams and development of outline proposals that will subsequently be developed into full proposals. 

    Under the joint initiative £6.49 million will be available for UK elements of funded proposals, with matched commitment from the Indian side. The intention is to fund projects of up to three years in duration, commencing mid-2018.  

    There will ultimately be two types of proposal enabled through this initiative:

    • Collaborative grants
    • Small grants

    The deadline for full proposals is mid-December, 2017

    Conference (in Nottingham): AMR Bridging the Gap - Systems-level approaches to antimicrobial resistance (7-8th September)

    Register here

    Objectives: A series of presentations and panel discussions hosted by the antimicrobial resistance programme, Bridging the Gap


    Location: Pope Building, University Park, University of Nottingham

    Organiser/contact: Harry Moriarty, Discipline Bridging Officer 



    UK-Thailand Joint Initiative on Infectious Diseases and Non-Communicable Diseases

    Deadline: 19th Sep 2017 (4 pm). Note, Expression of interests requested by 31st July.

    Funders: MRC, the Thailand Research Fund (TRF), and the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) 

    Objectives: The objective of this initiative is to deliver research funding for internationally competitive and innovative collaborative projects between scientists from Thailand and the UK to enable the pursuit of shared research interests. This initiative has been launched under the Newton Fund and as such all projects must be collaborative in nature and focused specifically on addressing research of relevance to Thailand and the Thai population. Two calls will run in parallel, with approximately 4 joint projects per call. 

    • MRC-NSTDA Infectious Diseases call: Research proposals must specifically address one or more of the following diseases/disease areas: AMR, especially multidrug-resistant tuberculosis; Emerging infectious diseases, especially leishmaniasis and influenza; Measles; Vector-borne diseases. Funding available: MRC-NSTDA call: £1.5m (UK applicants) + ~£670k (Thai applicants)
    • MRC-TRF Non-Communicable Diseases call: The research proposals must specifically address one or more of the following diseases/disease areas: Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Osteoporosis, Metabolic Syndrome. Funding available: MRC-TRF call: £1.5m (UK applicants) + ~£540k (Thai applicants

    Research Councils UK AMR cross-council initiative meeting (5 July 2017)

    Slides now available: here

    Antimicrobial Resistance in a Global Context - A Cross-Council call in partnership with the Department of Health

    Deadline: 11 Jul 2017

    Funder: RCUK (Administered by MRC)

    Objective: The call aims to support three to four interdisciplinary research consortia taking a whole systems approach to identify the burden and primary drivers of AMR and specifically antibacterial resistance (ABR) in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs). The consortia will contribute to the UK's commitment to Official Development Assistance (ODA) and help identify, prioritise and understand the drivers of ABR in LMIC settings. 

    The call consists of two stages:

    Development Stage - Development grants to enable the broadening and deepening of interdisciplinary partnerships and research ideas. Funds will be for 6-8 months for £80k (80% Full Economic Costs (FEC) Funders' contribution). Proposals will need to start by 1 October 2017. It is expected that up to 10-12 development grants will be supported.

    Full Stage - Research Consortia grants to support interdisciplinary teams of researchers. This call will be open to development grant awardees. Funds will be available to support 3-4 consortia at £2-3m each (80% FEC Funders' contribution) for up to three years.

    UK-Israel SYNERGY Programme 2017/18

    Deadline: 6 April, 2017, 12 AM

    The scheme aims to support researchers or research groups looking to hold a two days academic meeting (symposium/workshops) as a seed for future UK-Israel academic collaboration in the following fields: 

    1. Nanoscience
    2. Neuroscience
    3. Agri Science
    4. Waters Science
    5. Cyber
    6. Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

    Longitude Prize

    Deadline: 21 April, midnight

    Information via Sarah Bailey, Assistant Programme Manager, Longitude Prize; sarah.bailey@nesta.org.uk


    The Longitude Prize is now open for a second round of seed funding for teams working on diagnostic tests to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use. The Discovery Awards 2017 are being funded by Merck & Co. (USA) and will provide small seed grants of between £10-25,000 to teams or individuals anywhere in the world. 

    As with the first round, the aim of these awards is twofold:

    • to help teams already working on ideas that have become stuck in their progression, to continue developing their diagnostic, to win the Longitude Prize
    • to encourage new teams and individuals to enter the race - particularly those coming from new disciplines and sectors, in new collaborations and with very novel ideas to scope.

    MRC UK-Thailand Workshop on Infectious Diseases and Non-Communicable Diseases

    Deadline: not yet open

    The MRC will launch two separate calls that will run in parallel with one another:

    1. The MRC-NSTDA call will focus upon infectious diseases (includes AMR)
    2. The MRC-TRF call will focus upon non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

    Both research calls will focus on science areas of relevance to Thailand and the Thai population.

    Note: the call for EoIs to attend the workshop in Thailand is closed on 21 March.