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Human Ecology Research Group (HERG)

HERG 2021-22: Tuesdays 2-4 in 16 Taviton Street, Room 431


Spring 2023

10 January - George Holmes (University of Leeds)
Eager about beavers? Rewilding, landscape, and the (il)legal lethal control of feral beavers in Tayside, Scotland

17 January - Sarah Edwards (Oxford Botanic Garden & University of Oxford)
Plants As Medicine in the Anthropocene: Scientific and Indigenous Ontological Perspectives

24 January - Megnaa Mehtta (UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction)
Intimate Antagonisms and Unlikely Friendships between State and Society in the Sundarbans Forests of India

Forests worldwide are often implicated in histories of violence. The Sundarbans, straddling India and Bangladesh, infamous for its tigers, tiger-demons and home to 5 million human residents sharply expresses this global conflict. However, ethnographic fieldwork  encountered co- option, conviviality and mutual care among individuals classically characterised as political antagonists. How might  this ‘compassion in repression’ be ruptured?

31 January - Fabien Moustard (Extreme Citizen Science Group, Geography, UCL)
Behind the fence of an eco-guards basecamp

7 February - Simon Hoyte (UCL Anthropology)
“The trees, I know their names, I know how they heal”: Health and a 'One Health' project in the rainforest of Cameroon

14 February - Reading Week

21 February - Dawn Hill Adams (Tapestry Institute) - in person meeting, speaker online
The World of Indigenous Research Methods

[Cancelled] 28 February - Sarah Fischel (UCL Geography)
Caring for Coral: exploring multi-species care and coral restoration in Bonaire

[Cancelled] 7 March - Chris Sandbrook (Cambridge University) - in person meeting, speaker online
MSc AED students can instead, if they wish, book to see their dissertation supervisor during this HERG slot

14 March - Kew Gardens visit: Ethnobotany lecture and tour for MSc AED students (and interested PhDs)
Hosted by Dr. Mark Nesbitt, Curator of Ethnobotany at Kew, Visiting Professor Royal Holloway and UCL, and his team