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Spring 2019 

8th January Hernando Echeverri Sanchez 
Los Caminos de la Medicina: The life of medicinal plants from the forest of Amazonia to the urban markets

15th January Dr Marie Annick Moreau
"Fish rescue us from hunger": The contributions of aquatic resources to household food security on the Rufiji River floodplain, Tanzania

22nd Jan Dr Bikku
Raika pastoralism in Rajasthan

29th January Yara Shennan-Farpon   
Scenario planning as a conservation tool in socio-ecological systems – can it work, and who is involved?

5th February Adam Runacres
Engaging Conservation: Forest Employed Villagers and Intervention in Central India 

12th February READING WEEK

19th February Paul Barnes 
Ethnozoology in the Cyclops Mountains, Papua

26th February Fíacha O’Dowda Ecologies of Desire
Value and the Constitution of Life in the Forests of North East Madagascar

5th March Dr Simon Pooley (Birkbeck)
Out of bounds: space, place, separations and transgressions in the negotiation of conservation conflicts surrounding protected areas in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

12th March Tom Fry
"Those birds don't belong here": Rewilded eagles and the sociocultural natures of hill farmers in the Scottish Highlands. 


Autumn 2018

2nd October: Introductions: Chair: Jerome Lewis
Sara Randall: Gender and ageing in Ouagadougou

9th October: Past MSc/MRes cohort: Chair: Emily Woodhouse
Gavin O’Donnell: Beaver reintroduction in Perthshire, Scotland: guerrilla rewilding, ecopolitics and contagious conflict
Kayla de Freitas: Political ecology of cattle rearing among Wapichan in Maruranau Village, Guyana: challenges of doing anthropology at home
Fiacha O’Dowda: Vanilla, Markets, and Magic in the Forests of North East Madagascar 

16th October: Chair: Lewis Daly
Sahil Nijhawan: Rewarding tolerance: Understanding how Indian conservation NGOs work with local communities to save the tiger

23rd October: Chair Marc Brightman
Andrea Bravo: Living well along the roads: Waorani's visual narratives of the forest abundance and pollution

30th October: Chair Sara: Randall
Cristina Perez: Childlessness in Colombia: The Challenges of Exploring an Urban Phenomenon Using Ethnographic Methods

6th November: READING WEEK

13th November: Helen Muller
Who owns the elephants of Botswana?

20th November: Agnese Marino
Land tenure and bear conservation in the north west of Spain

Sara Randall Questionnaire design

4th December: Lydia Gibson
The Production of Knowledge: how conceptualisations of nature, science, and indigeneity shape the conservation of a Jamaican forest

11 December READING WEEK

Term 2: Speakers will include Tom Fry, Adam Runacres, Paul Barnes, Yara Shennan Farpov, Julian Riveros Clavijo; Dr Marc Brightman, Dr Bikku Rathod

Enquiries to Seminar Convenors: Katherine Homewood k.homewood@ucl.ac.uk