UCL Anthropology


Human Ecology Research Group (HERG)

Tuesdays 2-4pm, Daryll Forde Seminar Room

Autumn 2019

1 October: Introductory session
Jerome Lewis: The Flourishing Diversity Summit: UCL 2019

8 October: 2018-9 MSc AED student cohort
Elisabeth Kuroyedov: Impacts of Forest Rights Legislation for Van Gujjar Pastoralist lifeways in North India
Deimante Lersten: 'Plastic Pollution in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala'
Edoardo Superchi: "The seed of Sustainable Development: How rural development and environmental conservation interplay in Mexican Sembrando Vida"

Sanjana Ajith: "Jaun Karmi: Understanding Sex Workers' Relationship with their Work Through a Labour Perspective"

15 October
Agnese Marino: Effects of the Common Agricultural Policy on coexistence with carnivores in Spain

22 October
Alex Tasker: “Same-same-but-different: Mapping framings to explore knowledge co-creation in pastoralist development”

29 October
Paul Barnes: 'Changing relationships between the inhabitants of the Cyclops Mountains and Dafonsoro'

5 November: READING WEEK

12 November
Alex Tasker: Methods session

19 November
Sara Randall: Methods session: questionnaire design

[Deferred] 26 November
Clare Bissell: ‘The social ecology of people and trees in Kwahu East, Ghana’

[Deferred] 3 December
Lydia Gibson: “The Sustainability Trap: Understanding identity, species distribution, and forest use through parrot trapping in an indigenous Maroon village in Jamaica”

10 December READING WEEK

Term 2: Torrington (1-19) B08

Speakers will include: Tom Fry, Yara Shennan Farpon, Julian Riveros Clavijo; Bikku Rathod; Helen Muller, Sahil Nijhawan, Kayla de Freitas, Alex Dorgan, Jo Abbot

There will be a PhD/PDRF=led session on preparing for the field