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Postgraduate Modules 2022-23

UCL Anthropology is running the following modules for postgraduate students during the academic year 2022-23.

The anthropology department offers a wide variety of optional modules for master's students. Many of these are open for all students, independent of their individual programme, as we strive to promote a broad-based approach to our discipline.

Still, some restrictions apply. For example, students in the MSc in Human Evolution and Behaviour (MSc HEB) can only take course-specific modules, which, however, also include options run by the Department of Archaeology. Moreover, students not enrolled in the MSc HEB can only take these specific modules if they have a science-based first degree and if individual module tutors allow that.

Most Anthropology modules have no 'cap' on numbers; however, for pedagogical reasons, some module have a maximum number of students allowed to register; we invite you to check the information on the UCL Module Catalogue (under the 'Restrictions' header).

Many optional master's modules are 1.5-2 hour specialist seminars, although some are lab-based practicals. Moreover, many modules come with associated lectures that we advise to attend, as they are open to both postgraduate and undergraduate students. The master's-only seminars will normally assume knowledge of the material presented in these open lectures, and deal with the issues raised at a more advanced level.

Options are assessed by a variety of means, including essays, exams, tests or course-specific project portfolios such as lab-books or films.

Students are advised to discuss the best suited choice of options with their individual programme tutors.

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Term 4 Options