UCL Anthropocene


Dr Helene Burningham

Academic position: Assoc. Prof. in Physical Geography

Department: Geography

Telephone number: 020 7679 0577

Email: h.burningham@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Website: Dr Helene Burningham 


The central focus of my research is to explain coastal behaviour, system dynamics and mechanisms of forcing over recent decades and centuries, firmly placing it within the context of the timescale of the Anthropocene. In particular, my research explores the relative importance of intrinsic (natural, inherited framework) system control, versus human interventions and modifications to broader maritime environments, and climate forcing on the geomorphology and morphodynamics of coastal sedimentary systems. I am increasingly working at the interface between science and environmental governance, and am currently working on a project exploring art-science collaborative approaches to support community-centred decision-making. 

Research Projects

  • Gardner, E., Burningham, H. and Thompson, J.R. (2019). Impacts of climate change and hydrological management on a coastal lake and wetland system. Irish Geography, 52 (1), 21-48.