UCL Anthropocene


Associate Professor Hannah Knox

Academic position:   Associate Professor

Department:   UCL Anthropology

Telephone number:   +44 (0)20 7679 8837

Email:  h.knox@ucl.ac.uk

Websites: Hannah Knox


I am an Associate Professor of Anthropology at UCL and my research focuses on the relationship between technical infrastructures and social life through ethnographic studies of projects of technical transformation. My recent work includes research on the social imaginaries and effects of road construction in Latin America, and the governmental challenges of climate change in the UK and Europe. These projects have led me to become increasingly interested in the materialities of 20th century modernization and the effects of shifting scientific representations of ecological and material processes on contemporary technology-oriented projects of social change. I am currently exploring how the reinvention of infrastructure as ‘post-carbon’ technology in the UK and Europe (e.g. via logics of decentralization, automation, ‘smart’, networked relations etc.), can shed light on shifting modes of political subjectification in the context of an increasing awareness of human-earth relations in the Anthropocene.  

Research Projects:


Digital Anthropocene in the core MSc Digital Anthropology course ANTH0122