Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Positron Physics


Seminars for the 2012/13 Academic Year

3rd Term April - June 2013

Please note: this schedule is for the next term, but it has been included here since it is almost fully booked. For this term (January-March 2013) please look below.

Speaker University Title
17 April
David Vitali
University of Camerino, Camerino (MC), Italy Quantum cavity optomechanics with nanomembranes

24 April

PLEASE NOTE: Exceptionally at 3pm to avoid overlaps with the Departmental Lecture

Simon Cornish
University of Durham

Bose-Einstein condensation with tunable interactions: from solitons to molecules

1 May

Livio Gianfrani

Second University of Naples

Determination of the Boltzmann constant by means of Doppler broadening thermometry

8 May

PLEASE NOTE: Exceptionally at 3pm to avoid overlaps with the Departmental Colloquium

Matt Jones
University of Durham
Many-body physics with Group II Rydberg atoms
15 May
Olivier Pirali
Universite' Paris Sud, Orsay

High resolution spectroscopy in the far-infrared using the synchrotron emission continuum extracted by the AILES beamline of SOLEIL facility

22 May
Antonio Politi
University of Aberdeen Equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of the discrete nonlinear Schroedinger equation
29 May
Angel Sanz
Instituto de Fisica Fundamental, Madrid

Applied Bohmian Mechanics: Exploring AMO Physics with Quantum Streamlines

5 June
12 June
19 June

2nd Term January - March 2013

Speaker University Title
23 January
No AMOPP Seminar

No AMOPP Seminar
MAPS open day
30 January Simon Hamma
Bristol University Optimising forces and torques for optical micromanipulation
6 February
Anatole Kenfack
Free University Berlin

Directed transport in systems out of equilibrium & quantum flux in molecules

13 February
Will Brigg
Electron molecule collision using Quantemol
20 February
Amelle Zair
Imperial College London
On the control of quantum path in high order harmonic generation
 21 February
Extraordinary Seminar

Time: 11am
Place: E3/E7
Emilio Mariotti  University of Siena
Trapping of radioactive francium
27 February
Akos Kover
Hungarian Academy of Sciences (ATOMKI), Debrecen, Hungary Higher-Order Effects in the Angular Distribution of Photoelectrons
6 March
No AMOPP seminar
No AMOPP Seminar
Spreadbury lecture
13 March
Mike Tarbutt
Imperial College London
Cold molecules as probes of new physics
  20 March
Peter Leek
Oxford University
Cavity quantum electrodynamics in superconducting microwave circuits
  27 March
Frank Grossman
Technical University Dresden Semiclassical initial value representations and selected applications

1st Term Oct-Dec 2012

Speaker University Title
3rd October
Stephen Hogan
Rydberg atom and molecule optics
10 October
Matthias Keller
Sussex University

Cavity-QED with trapped ions: A tool for QIP and molecular physics

17 October
Janne Ruostekoski
Southampton University


24 October
No AMOPP Seminar (Bragg lecture)
31 October
Stefano Lepri
Florence TBA
7 November
Pietro Cicuta
Emergence of collective states in active colloids
14 November
Dmitry Shalashilin
Gaussian based methods of quantum dynamics for simulating manybody problems
21 November
George McBane USA/Durham Multi-state effects in classical models of triatomic photodissociation
 5 December
Nigel Mason
 Open University
 12 December
 Mete Atature
 Cambridge  TBA

3rd Term Jan-Mar 2012

Speaker University Title
25 April
John Goldwin
09 May
Ian Ford
UCL Fluctuation relations and entropy change: a rough guide
16 May
Paul Coleman

Ice and atoms: experiments with simple positron beams

23 May
Adrian Baule
 Queen Mary
Singular features in noise-induced transport with dry friction
30 May
Riccardo Mannella
Pisa High-fidelity quantum driving
20 June
P. Lambropoulos
The reincarnation of multiphoton processes
27 June


2nd Term Jan-Mar 2012

Speaker University Title
18 January  Vitali Averbuch Imperial College
Laser-enabled Auger transitions: probing electronic correlation in inner-valence-ionized states
01 February Mike Charlton   Swansea Antihydrogen Trapping and Physics (Host: Peter Baker)
08 February Alessio Serafini  UCL TBA
15 February
Grabirele de Chiara  Queen's University Belfast TBA (Host: Tania Monteiro)
22 February David Carberry   Bristol  TBA
07 March  Pieter Kok Sheffield TBA (Host: Dan Browne and Janet Anders)

14 March

Special Lecture

 Prof Jon Butterworth UCL Elizabeth Spreadbury Lecture
21 March  Rosemary Harris Queen Mary Transport properties of non-equilibrium systems