Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Positron Physics


PhD studentships in the AMOPP group


The AMOPP group has a lively and vibrant research community with 20 principal investigators and many postdoctoral research associates, PhD students, Master students, etc., with a regular intake of new PhD students every year.

To find out more about our research activities, please go to our Research page. Additional information can be found in the webpages of individual principal investigators within the AMOPP group.

We offer research projects in the following topics:

  • quantum information processing and quantum technologies,
  • atomic and molecular cooling and trapping,
  • highly excited Rydberg states,
  • quantum cavity optomechanics,
  • quantum sensing,
  • positron and positronium physics,
  • ultracold laser spectroscopy and strong laser interactions,
  • theoretical physics of molecules and quantum sytems,
  • astronomical spectroscopy,
  • quantum collective dynamics in light-matter systems,
  • quantum physics of biomolecular processes,
  • macromolecular interactions in biological systems,
  • attosecond, strong-field and free-electron-laser interactions of matter with light.

Every year there are a number of Ph.D studentships allocated to the AMOPP group for research in all areas of Atomic, Molecular Optical and Positron Physics.

This year the studentship projects include:

Phd Studentship in "Polariton and circuit QED lattices:solid-state platforms for quantum simulations of correlated and topological states" (Prof Marzena Szymanska)   

PhD Studentship to investigate the mechanisms of cell-surface receptor clustering in virus entry (Prof Isabel Llorente-Garcia) 

Studentship on the interface of quantum information theory and gravity (Prof Jonathan Oppenheim) 


Application procedure

Make an application by following the instructions under the "UCL Application Procedure" tab, which can be foun on the study PhD page.

Additionally, please contact directly your prospective supervisor to discuss potential projects and funding opportunities. Contacting your chosen supervisor/supervisors is an essential step. The list of AMOPP academic supervisors and associated web-pages can be found on the group members page.

Further Information

For general enquiries regarding PhD studentships in the AMOPP group, please contact the AMOPP group's Postgraduate Admission tutor, Dr. Marzena Szymanska.

Should you require any further information regarding opportunities in a specific research area of the AMOPP group at UCL, individual members of staff, as shown on the group members page, will always be pleased to help with enquiries about their research work.

The graduate prospectus contains detailed information about our PhD program and further information can be found on the graduate application webpage. For general enquiries about the Physics and Astronomy PhD program please send an e-mail to the Departmental Administrator for Postgraduate Admissions.

Funding & Scholarships

For non-UK/EU students with excellent academic records a number of scholarships are available through the UCL Graduate School. If you are interested in applying for one of these scholarships you must first fill out an application and contact the prospective supervisor no later than late December each year.

Seaton award

An award of £1000 has been established in honour of Prof M Seaton FRS, a distinguished atomic physicist and former member of the group. This award will assist new students joining the AMOPP group. One recipient will be selected by the group every year on the basis of academic merit and particular circumstances (e.g., students coming from abroad or moving to London).