Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Positron Physics


Seminars for 2010/2011 Academic Year

3nd Term 2011

Date Speaker   Title
30 March 
6 April Henning Schomerus Lancaster University Quantum optics and random matrix theory of PT symmetric resonators
13 April      
4 May Yuri Ovchinnikov   TBA
11 May  Conor Maher McWilliams   TBA
18 May Andrei V. Rode The Australian National University

Special location and time: E7 at 11am

Optical vortices: Trapping of particles and material processing

25 May Marcus Aspelmeyer University of Vienna TBA
1 June Helen Fielding UCL  TBA
 8 June Dimitris Charalambidis University of Crete TBA
15 June Anna Sanpera   TBA
22 June      

2nd Term 2011

Date Speaker   Title
12 January
David McGloin Dundee
Quantum manipulation of droplets: aerosols and hydrosomes
19 January Bruno Eckhardt Marburg Classical and quantum analysis of multiple ionization in strong laser fields
21 January special seminar
Gerard Milburn
The University of Queensland
Quantum measurement and control of optomechanical systems
02 February  Jaesuk Hwang Imperial College Quantum nanophotonics with single molecules
09 February Kevin M. Prise
Queen's University Belfast Ionizing radiation microbeans as tools for understanding advanced radiotherapy

 14 February

special seminar

 Juan Paz  University of Buenos Aires  New ideas on quantum process tomography
16 February Steve Bramwell UCL CMMP/LCN

Magnetricity in Spin Ice

Physics Colloquium

Harry Massey Lecture Theatre 

02 March
Andreas Fring City University London Introduction to PT-symmetric non-Hermitian Hamiltonian systems with applications to condensed matter and atomic physics
09 March Thomas Field Queen's University Belfast POSTPONED!
16 March
to be announced   to be announced
23 March Alan Shotter Edinburgh Spreadbury Lecture: Nuclear Astrophysics - Pathway to the Creation of the chemical Elements - that means of You!

1st Term 2010

Date Speaker   Title
29 September
E. Krishnakumar The Open University Milton Keynes Dissociative attachment Dynamics using Ion Momentum Imaging
06 October
Igor Lesanovsky Nottingham Thermalization of a strongly interacting Rydberg lattice gas
13 October
Murtadha A. Khakoo
California State University Fullerton Low Energy Electron Scattering from Polyatomic Targets
20 October
Terry Rudolph Imperial Information-theoretic "foundational principles" for quantum mechanics: Is there a difference between relativistic and non-relativistic quantum theories?
27 October
Christopher Ingold Auditorium
Andre Geim Manchester Bragg lecture: Graphene: Magic of Flat Carbon
03 November postponed to a later date Vlatko Vedral Oxford
to be announced
10 November
Almut Beige Leeds Cavity cooling beyond the Lamb-Dicke approximation
17 November
Erika Andersson Heriot Watt
Entanglement of (and with) experimentalists and theorists
24 November
Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre
Paul Corkum Ottawa University/ National Research Council Canada Massey lecture: Attosecond-Angstrom Science
01 December
Daniel Oi Strathclyde Non-locality and Superselection
08 December
Paola Borri Cardiff Novel Multiphoton Microscopy Techniques for Cell Imaging: CARS Microscopy and Resonant Four-Wave Mixing
15 December
Rainer Klages Queen Mary Microscopic chaos and diffusion of single particles in periodic lattices