Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Positron Physics


Seminars for 2005/06 Academic Year

Third Term

Date Speaker  Institute
26 Apr Justin Molloy  NIMR  Using optical techniques to study single molecules in vitro and in living cells
10 May Ian Ford  UCL The fluctuation theorem and its dissipation functional: is this a proof of the second law?
17 May  Natasha Doss AMOPP Group  Calculated final state probability distributions for T2 beta decay measurements
24 May Chiara Piccarreta  AMOPP Group  Calculation of resonance effects in low-energy electron-water collisions
31 May Simon Gardiner  Durham University  Matter-wave soliton collisions in BEC
6 June Giuseppe Smirne  Oxford University  Dynamic manipulation of Bose-Einstein condensates with a spatial light modulator
28 June Murtadha Khakoo  California State University, Fullerton Low energy electron impact excitation of molecular nitrogen - Rydberg-valence interactions

2nd Term

Date Speaker Institute
11 Jan Svante Jonsell  University of Umea  Antihydrogen-atom scattering at low temperatures 
25 Jan AMOPP Open Day     
1 Feb Viv Kendon  Leeds University  Complementarity in quantum walks 
8 Feb Peter Barker  Heriot-Watt University  Creating slow cold molecules with pulsed optical fields 
15 Feb Bob Barber  UCL  BT2 - a high accuracy computed water line list for astronomers (and others) 
22 Feb Christian Beck  QMUL  Chaotic scalar fields as models for dark energy 
1 Mar Spreadbury Lecture     
15 Mar  Charles Adams  Durham University  Cold atoms in a quasi-electrostatic lattice 
22 Mar  Sile Nic Chormaic  Cork Institute of Technology  Characterisation of microspherical lasers and their uses in quantum optics 

1st Term

Date  Speaker  Institute
16 Sep  Peter Horak  ORC, Southampton  Micro-optics for atom chips 
28 Sep  Gordon Robb  University of Strathclyde  Collective scattering of light by cold atoms 
5 Oct  Leonardo Spanu  ISAS, Trieste  Correlation effects in antiferromagnetic molecular rings 
12 Oct  Stepheh Webster  National Physical Laboratory, Teddington  Single ion optical clock 
19 Oct  Simon Cornish  University of Durham  Quantum degenerate Bose mixtures and BEC with tunable interactions: experiments at Durham 
26 Oct  Steve Jones  Massey Lecture  Did Adam meet Eve? - the view from the genes 
28 Oct  Igor Bray  Murdoch University, Perth  Electron and positron collisions with atoms 
2 Nov  Rob Bastin  AMOPP Group  The O II Spectrum in low density nebulae 
9 Nov  Onofrio Marago  IPCF-CNR, Messina  Fabrication of gallium nanostructures using laser-cooled atoms 
16 Nov  Massimo Mella  University of Cardiff  The quantum Monte Carlo method adapted to positron physics 
23 Nov  Jens-Als Nielsen  Bragg Lecture  X-Ray synchrotron radiation - glimpses from the past and of the future 
7 Dec  Patrik Ohberg  University of Strathclyde  Effective magnetic fields in neutral quantum gases 
9 Dec  James Stirling  Departmental Colloquium  Quantum Chromodynamics and High-Energy Colliders: Fundamental Physics from Non-fundamental Particles 
14 Dec  Sam Morgan  Lehman Bros An introduction to credit derivatives