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Tribute to Professor Elizabeth Dore (1946-2022)

13 May 2022

Professor Elizabeth Dore (1946-2022)

Professor Elizabeth Dore (1946-2022)

It is with sadness that we announce the death of Elizabeth (Liz) Dore, Professor Emerita of Modern Languages and Linguistics at Southampton University. Liz, a historian of Modern Latin America, specialized in class, race, gender and ethnicity. She gained her PhD from Columbia University and wrote extensively, focusing on Cuba, Peru and Nicaragua.

She was particularly proud to direct the Oral History Project 'Memories of the Cuban Revolution'. This, her final research project, focused on Cubans' memories of life in the revolution. Under her direction, a team of Cuban and British scholars collected more than one hundred in-depth life history interviews, drawn from a cross-section of men and women across the island. It was the first oral history project authorized by the Cuban government in forty years. In the last weeks before her death she worked hard to complete her book based on these interviews: How Things Fall Apart: What Happened to the Cuban Revolution (Apollo), is currently on pre-order across book sellers.

A socialist champion throughout her life, Liz sought through this book to give voice to ordinary people reflecting on their own lives and history. She saw this, like all her work, as a contribution to our collective thinking as to how to create and mould more equal and just societies. In particular, her recent work on Cuba aims to trigger debate and a discussion on socialist states and transitions from egalitarianism to a market based economy. For further information visit the project website.


Link to pre-order Elizabeth Dore's book How Things Fall Apart: What Happened to the Cuban Revolution (available to pre-order with other booksellers)

Link to Professor Elizabeth Dore's research project Cuban Oral History: Memories of the Cuban Revolution (University of Southampton)


Professor Elizabeth Dore (1946-2022)