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Josephine Harmon's article on US gun culture out now

16 May 2022

Josephine Harmon awarded APG prize

Congratulations to UCL Americas PhD candidate Josephine Harmon on the recent publication of her article on U.S. gun culture. Her article proposes a new analytical framework to understand U.S. gun culture and its attendant cultural identifiers. Using the Weberian concept of the state, in which the state’s monopoly on force is the basis of its legitimacy, its key theoretical contribution is that gun culture contests the state’s monopoly on force. Her PhD thesis in Political Science examines the role of elite actors in gun politics.

This open access article in full is available here.

Josephine Harmon

Josephine is currently a PhD student at UCL Institute of the Americas. Her reseach project, tentatively titled Coalition between Diverse Conservative Interest Groups and Gun Politics examines the mechanisms and drivers of political co-operation among interest groups on the right who seek to protect gun rights. Her specialist area is think tanks and interest groups, co-operation and the role of values in political action. I use political theory with qualitative methods. She is working under the supervision of Professor Gareth Davies and Dr Nadia Hilliard. Read more about her research here.


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Josephine Harmon