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Frankie Chappell winner of the Olivette Otele Paper Prize

30 August 2022

Francesca Chappell

We would like to congratulate Frankie Chappell on winning the 2022 Olivette Otele Paper Prize for her paper Power to the sisters, and therefore peace and health to all the workers of the world’: Women, Labour and Internationalism in the Work of Wilmette Brown. Frankie's paper examines the intellectual and activist legacy of Black Women for Wages for Housework co-founder Wilmette Brown and her interlocutors.

This prize, awarded by History Lab (based in the  Institute of Historical Research of the University of London), was created in 2020 to begin to address the inequities faced by Black scholars in academic History, named after the UK’s first Black female History Professor. The prize aims to both provide some financial remuneration for the labour involved in academic research, as well as producing the paper, and to boost the academic profiles of the shortlisted scholars.

Frankie Chappell

Frankie Chappell is pursuing her PhD studies at UCL Institute of the Americas. The working title of her research project is Autonomy and Solidarity: The Intellectual and Activist World of Black Women for Wages for Housework, 1970s-2000s. She is working under the supervision of Dr Kate Quinn and Professor Jonathan Bell. Find out more about her project here.


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Frankie Chappell