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Shodona Kettle on Haiti's political crisis: BBC World Service Newshour interview

22 July 2021

Shodona Kettle

UCL Americas PhD student Shodona Kettle was recently invited to talk on the BBC World Service Newshour about the new government imposed in Haiti this week and civil society reaction to these changes. The Haitian Civil Society Commission had been meeting for months to come to a consensus on how best to find Haitian solutions to Haitian problems, but the new political shift silenced their voices. Shodona appeared in the programme in her capacity as Chair of The Haiti Support Group. You can listen to the programme in full via this link to the BBC. This episode was first broadcast on July 20, 2021 and is available for 28 days. Should you wish to listen to the episode after that, please visit Shodona's academic profile page.

Shodona's conversation with the programme's host, James Coomarasamy, starts from min.: 02:30, but we suggest listening to the programme from the beggining to understand the background of Haiti's current situation.

Shodona Kettle

Shodona is currently pursuing her PhD studies at UCL Institute of the Americas under the supervision of Dr Kate Quinn and Dr Par Engstrom. Her research project, Reparative histories and healing contemporaries: A comparative investigation into transnational movements for reparations in the Americas pursues a comparative analysis of reparations movements in Haiti, Colombia, and Ecuador, encompassing geographic and historical comparisons, allowing for the identification of patterns and intricate connections between the local, global and transnational.



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Shodona Kettle