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Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week

UCL Americas

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May 10

The theme for this Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 is Nature and how we reconnect with it to help our mental well-being. Check out the resources UCL has put together for the UCL community via the links in our profile. And do try to reconnect with Nature. Nature seems to be trying hard to reconnect with us!

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 - 4

May 11

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. This is a good time for us to be thinking about how we can help ourselves mentally and physically. The Students' Union UCL has collected a series of resources to help support good mental health, not only this week, but always!

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 - 1

May 12

There is always help available to you throughout your time with us at UCL. Whether through counselling or at an appointment with our Disability, Mental Health and Wellbeing team, our professional staff can provide you with advice and support on a wide range of mental health and wellbeing subjects, to help you get the most out of student life. All of our support services are free of charge and open to all UCL students of all levels.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 - 2

May 13

When things are a bit much, it's super important to look out for your friends. We've got some tips on how you can support them to have a chat about how they are doing - and some tips to help you too!

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May 14

'Our relationship with nature – how much we notice, think about and appreciate our natural surroundings – is a critical factor in supporting good mental health and preventing distress. Nature is an important need for many and vital in keeping us emotionally, psychologically and physically healthy. When it comes to mental health benefits, nature has a very wide definition. It can mean green spaces such as parks, woodland or forests as well as blue spaces like rivers, wetlands, beaches or canals'. So tells us the Mental Health Foundation.

Besides the resources that UCL and the UCL Students' Union have put together to support the mental health of our staff and students, external organisations such as the Mental Health Foundation and
The Samaritans (a suicide-prevention charity) are exceptional external sources of advice and research on mental health, this week and always. Visit their websites mentalhealth.org.uk and samaritans.org to explore the plethora of resources available to us all.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 - 5

List of resources

UCL Students Support and Wellbeing

UCL Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

Students' Union UCL

Students' Union UCL Mental Health Support and Advice

Mental Health Foundation

The Samaritans (a suicide-prevention charity)

You can also call The Samaritans free: 116 123


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