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Photograph of three young female university students of diverse ethnic background, having a conversation; two are sitting on the windowsill of a lecture theatre and one is sitting on the floor
The Institute is committed to advancing gender equality for our staff and students. To this end, we consistently analyse student and staff recruitment data to identify potential gaps, survey our community about their study and work experiences, and encourage staff to develop diverse curricula and teaching and learning practices.


Athena Swan

The UCL Institute of the Americas was awarded the Athena Swan Bronze award in 2022. The Athena Swan Charter aims to support and transform gender equality within higher education and research. Our EDI committee also comprises our Athena Swan Self-Assessment, and it is chaired by Dr Francesca Lessa (Co-Chair) the Institute Manager (Co-Chair). 

Key Contacts and Resources

Family Friendly Working

Caring responsibilities of staff and students at UCL vary widely. UCL supports staff and students in these responsibilities through a range of family friendly policies, schemes, and programmes, ranging from leave options, maternity and paternity benefits, and flexible working from home. All staff are eligible for carer's leave, regardless of length of service under UCL’s Special Leave policy.

In the Institute we try to timetable meetings during core working hours of 10-4pm. Where requested, we also endeavour to not timetable lectures for academic staff during early morning or late afternoon slots. This is to support those with caring responsibilities to work more flexibly.

Key Contacts and Resources