Office of the President and Provost (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion)


Gender Equality Working Group

Terms of Reference 

Aims of the group


  1. Advise senior management on how to realise a truly gender inclusive culture that delivers UCL values and our legal obligations
  2. Work in a coordinated way with the Equalities Charter Group and other Equality Working Groups and Champions, and the Department of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, to ensure strategic solutions to advance diversity and inclusion occur in a coordinated way across the institution;


  1. Raise awareness of gender equality issues at UCL and recommend strategic responses
  2. Represent the views of staff and students and raise issues around gender and discrimination
  3. Take an evidence-based approach to identify and recommend gender equality interventions
  4. Learn from and engage with academic research on gender and equality taking place at UCL
  5. Establish links with experts in gender and equality at work beyond UCL

Athena SWAN

  1. Critical friend to the institution in its gender equality work
  2. Monitor delivery of institutional action plans related to gender equality
  3. Oversight of progress and engagement with Athena SWAN charter applications from UCL Departments
  4. Oversee effective provision of institutional support to coordinate and facilitate Athena SWAN submissions
  5. Consider issues that intersect with gender causing multiple disadvantage
  6. Develop practical solutions to address issues of underrepresentation of gender at any staff or student level, and occupational and discipline-based segregation


  1. Ensure departmental best practice is shared across the institution
  2. Promote beacon-level initiatives within HE and beyond
  3. Support initiatives that will have greatest impact on gender equality and align with institutional priorities, drawing on allocated resources


Co-Chair: Prof Sara Mole, Provost’s Envoy for Gender Equality
Co-Chair: Prof Anson Mackay, SLASH – Vice Dean EDI
Co-Chair: Donna Dalrymple – SLMS, Director of HR Business Partnering

Members will have:

  • A passion for gender equality.
  • Be mindful and respectful of all protected characteristics.
  • Have an interest in institutional change.
  • Be willing to commit to attending meetings every 2 months (subject to their availability) and in assisting with the work of the group.

Group Composition

  • Previous experience of advancing equality would be helpful but is not essential.
  • The group will consist of around 20 members.
  • Members will usually be on the group for a term of 2 years, after which they will need to reaffirm their interest for up to another 2 years.
  • Members can join by expressing an interest to the Co-Chairs outlining their interest and contribution.
  • Any part time or full time UCL staff or student is eligible to join.
  • The group will meet at least once a term.
  • Meetings will be held flexibly and more frequently as needed, in line with the group’s activities, including smaller groups working on a specific task.
  • The Co-Chairs can approach potential new members with diversity and representation in mind.
  • When identifying group membership consideration will be given to the overall balance of the group, for gender, representation from different disciplines, grades and areas (research, teaching, technical, professional services, students etc.) and other intersectional diversity considerations; and will include those responsible for key EDI functions at UCL.

Responsibility of Members


  • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Actively contribute in some way to the group.
  • Attend meetings regularly.
  • Represent the principles of gender equality at UCL.
  • Contribute ideas and participate in activities and projects.
  • Conduct themselves in keeping with UCL values.
  • Understand the position of the group in furthering EDI in UCL.
  • Feed learning back into departments.
  • Critically review institutional applications


  • Chair meetings and circulate meetings and the agenda.
  • Liaise with other UCL Equality Groups and external groups.
  • Work with UCL Equalities and Diversity Team.
  • Coordinate the setting of GWG objectives.
  • Recruitment of GWG members.
  • Moderating any GWG communications.
  • Represent GWG in different fore.
  • Ensuring GWG is a group where everyone’s voice is heard and considered.
  • Manage the budget in consultation with GWG.
  • Set the dates of GWG meetings and cancelling meetings if/when necessary.
  • Ensure at least 2 chairs are present at each full meeting

UCL–Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Team

Administrative support to include:

  • Taking minutes at meetings.
  • Providing resources eg. paper, pens, post-its.
  • Room bookings for meetings and events and providing any refreshments.
  • Managing Microsoft Teams/Sharepoint and mailing list for GWG.
  • Share relevant UCL staff survey results/institutional data.
  • Managing resources including payments and expenses.
  • Facilitating links with external organisations.
  • Maintaining links between other UCL equality groups.
  • Make recommendations to the group about practice and policy.