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UCL Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences: The Challenge of the Anthropocene

11 May 2021, 5:00 pm–6:00 pm

Field of crops

The UCL Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences invites you to join us for 'The Challenge of the Anthropocene', a virtual panel talk and Q&A with academic members of UCL Anthropocene.

This event is free.

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Join Professor Sasha Roseneil (Dean, UCL Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences) as she chairs a panel of six experts drawn from the Faculty to discuss how research and teaching at UCL helps us advance thinking about the Anthropocene, as the world responds to the Covid-19 pandemic and prepares for the United Nations Climate Change conference, COP26, in November. The panel will comprise members of UCL Anthropocene, a new virtual school that addresses the issues of the Anthropocene by assembling researchers from across UCL. 

The Anthropocene is the name for a proposed geological epoch during which global environmental change and political and economic transformations have become increasingly entangled. Accounts of the Anthropocene aim to address not only the accelerating climate change and biodiversity loss of the past fifty years, but also how environmental change is bound up with the longer histories of colonialism, agriculture, the fossil fuel economy, and resource extraction.  


Chair Professor Sasha Roseneil | Dean, UCL Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences
Professor Andrew Barry | UCL Geography
Professor Dorian Fuller | UCL Institute of Archaeology
Dr Caroline Garaway | UCL Anthropology 
Dr Sahra Gibbon | UCL Anthropology
Professor Mark Maslin | UCL Geography
Dr John Sabapathy | UCL History