Centre for Doctoral Training in AI-enabled Healthcare



See below a list of the most recent projects the MRes students are working on. If you have a project proposal in mind, get in touch!

Human genetics to perform high-throughput analyses to evaluate combination therapeutics

Amand Schmidt
Develop useful application of trajectory anaylsis and apply machine learning techniques to preduct the long-term effect of Covid-19 in rare disease patientsJohan Thygesen

An affordable AI-enabled glucose management system for diabetes

Ken Li

Develop and evaluate state of the art trajectory analysis to explore factors driving disparities in patient outcomes using covid-19 data on population scale as an exemplar

Johan Thygesen

Enable and accelerate development of clinicially useful AI by leveraging free text electronic health records and medical images

N Pontikos
MRI based tracking of cell population dynamics to design personalised, adaptive treatment protocolsChris Clark

The AlzEye study- Using the eyes as a window to systematic health

Pearse Keane
Hyperlocal beds plus demand forecasting within the NHS

Prof. Steve Harris

Motor neuron disease prognosis prediction through multi-modal AI

James Cole
Use of reinforcement learning to optimise dosing of IV infusions in critical careSteve Harris