Centre for Doctoral Training in AI-enabled Healthcare



Students will chose an MRes project in their first term from a comprehensive list covering projects in primary and secondary care, working with the NHS and with private companies, and in areas including diagnosis, treatment and operations.

All PhD projects will be associated with one or more of our themes and teams will take a multidisciplinary approach to challenges associated with them. The themes are aligned to the strategic priorities of our NHS partners and the overall vision of the CDT. Each theme is facilitated by two senior researchers, one working in primary and one in secondary care.


Most students develop their MRes project into a PhD but some may wish to switch at the end of the first year. The research project our students do as part of their MRes/PhD depends on their studentship:

UKRI Funded Studentship 
These studentships, which are the vast majority, allow prospective students to choose from a wide range of projects and supervisors. Project selection takes place each October/November after the annual Sandpit Event, where academic and clinical supervisory teams showcase their project ideas and research interests to CDT students. For a list of projects that were made available to the 2019 cohort please see here

Public/ Industry funded studentship 
Project studentships focus on specific projects where the nature of the funding dictates project area and/or supervisor; this includes some of the commercially funded studentships.